A Look Inside the 447 Clinton Avenue Conversion


As long as we’ve been in the neighborhood, the former Galilee Baptist Church at 447 Clinton Avenue has been a source of great fascination. Long-abandoned and rapidly deteriorating, the 1850-ish Italianate mansion (originally the David Burdette House) was calling out to be loved. In January 2005, the property, which goes all the way through the block and includes a carriage house (also in rough shape) on Waverly, was bought for $1,725,000 by a serial rehabber who’s lived in Brownstone Brooklyn for the better part of two decades. While continuing to market the property at a significantly higher price (even going in contract at one point), Clinton Rising LLC proceeded to plan a renovation and conversion. After ill-advisedly starting down the road with one architect whose name shall go unmentioned, the developer teamed up with Franke, Gottsegen, Cox Architects and started to make some unconventional choices. Rather than try to squeeze in as many two-bedroom condo units as possible, a plan evolved to create just four rental apartments in the 9,600-square-foot main building and two more out back by converting the existing carriage house and building a second one of similar size (which they already have LPC approval for). Last week we got to tag along with the developer, his architect Matthew Gottsegen and Carver Farrell who runs his own design-build firm called Living Space Design as they walked through the project. As you’ll see from the photos on the jump, there is some beautiful original detail left. The design calls for preserving as much as possible (including both the main and back staircases) and juxtaposing it with a clean, stripped-down modern aesthetic. From the drawings we saw and the raw material they have to work with, we’re optimistic about the outcome. Lots of photos (and a rendering) on the jump.
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