A Few Stalled Projects in East Williamsburg


    A reader let us know about a few stalled projects in East Williamsburg he’s been watching collect dust for the past few years. The first (pictured) is on Meserole Street between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street. The DOB filed the last permit for this four-story, eight-unit Scarano design in 2008. It’s been sitting there empty since. The second is a lot on the corner of Humboldt and Montrose. Our tipster says: “It has always been a vacant lot since I came to the area in 2006. In 2010, some digging began and in fall 2011 a bulldozer began churning up soil for about a month and even foundation work started. Then it came to a halt! In late February 2012, we saw a crew doing some work again, then it stopped and there has been no activity since. Getting a structure finally built and occupied would go a long way in brightening up a corner with such great potential.” GMAP

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