Bianca Turetsky


Back in the early 20th century, co-operative Catskills bungalows and resort communities were the No. 1 destination for Brooklyn families looking to pack up and spend the summer upstate. Two Brooklyn residents became obsessed with the idea of reviving this upstate colony spirit, so they bought 11 acres of land and got to work updating a former bungalow community.


It’s School Week here on Brownstoner. Stay tuned for more school-themed posts celebrating the start of the school year.

The old P.S. 9 Annex in Prospect Heights is one of those buildings that everyone stops in front of and wonders, “What exactly is it and how can I live there?” I did the same thing before I moved in, and I’m still learning about the genesis of the building.

Living in a converted schoolhouse with a mysterious history could not be a better fit for me. As the author of a series of historical novels, I draw a lot of writing inspiration from my apartment building. Rumor has it that silent-film star and original It Girl Clara Bow went to school here back in the day.

Just walking into the building, with its tall, imposing iron gates, wide stairwells and carpeted corridors makes me feel simultaneously like I’m stepping back in time and as though I’m reliving my middle school years.