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This is old news at this point, but the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School in Cobble Hill has completed a renovation and expansion that was years in the making. The Montessori purchased the adjacent fire patrol station at 12 Dean Street in July 2009. The result? The school added 11,000 square feet to the existing campus and also renovated the entire facility. It’s pretty cool looking. Click through for more photos.
Brooklyn Heights Montessori School [Official Site] GMAP
Photos by Keith Telfeyan


A reader sent in the photo above yesterday, with a subject line that reads “Beeeeer.” This is what he had to say: “They ain’t kidding. It looked like they had over a hundred varieties of beer. HUGE assortment. 414 court st, next to Capital One bank. Formerly: Snack Shop.” The name of the biz appears to be “First Place Provisions.” GMAP


Via City Room: “When a ban on smoking in city parks took effect one year ago, some tobacco partisans vowed it would not stick, that it was unenforceable, that they would flout it to their dying breaths. But on Wednesday the city said the ban had been largely, if not entirely, effective: the number of smokers observed in 13 selected parks in Manhattan and Brooklyn was 68 percent lower in October 2011 than in October 2010. …And all this with only a gentle puff of enforcement: 221 smoking tickets have been issued on city parkland since the ban went into effect: fewer than one per day.” The photo above was taken at a Brooklyn park yesterday evening at around 8. The face of the person smoking a cigarette has been photoshopped.
Parks Working Out as Smoke-Free Zones, City Says [City Room]


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Via the Daily News: “Cops stopped and questioned nearly one-third of Brownsville’s residents last year – the highest out of the city’s 76 police precincts. Six miles away in Borough Park only 2 % of the neighborhood’s population was quizzed by cops in 2011 – the lowest number in the New York Civil Liberties Union citywide ranking analyzing “stop-and-frisk” NYPD data. ‘There is a set of rules for people of color; and a set of rules for whites,’ said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the NYCLU. ‘Policing in New York is a tale of two cities.'”


I Love Franklin Ave has been following the progress of the new restaurant opening in the former Franklin Roadhouse space, near the corner of Prospect Place and Franklin Avenue, and now has some inside shots of how the construction is coming, as well as news that it will be named “Mayfield.” Here’s the scoop from the blog:

“Back in March, local residents and NYC culinary-scene veterans Jacques Belanger and Lev Gewirtzman made news with the announcement that they were taking over the former Franklin Roadhouse Space. Yesterday, they gave ILFA a tour of their new restaurant, which they’ve dubbed ‘Mayfield’ ‘in honor of Curtis,’ according to Lev. The interior already looks completely different than it once did. …Unlike at the Roadhouse, you’ll be able to sit at the bar, which will serve a full lineup of beer, wine, and liquor, and will include, between the kitchen and the booze, a raw bar. …the menu is far from settled, but they still plan to serve seasonal American fare in what Lev called an ‘everyday, casual’ setting, focused around the raw bar and whatever fresh produce comes their way. Whenever they open, I think it’s a safe bet that they’ll be hotly-anticipated, even in a budding foodie scene…”

The hope is for it to be completed by the end of the year.
A Look Inside Mayfield [I Love Franklin Ave] GMAP
Photo courtesy of I Love Franklin Ave