‘Parks Working Out as Smoke-Free Zones, City Says’


    Via City Room: “When a ban on smoking in city parks took effect one year ago, some tobacco partisans vowed it would not stick, that it was unenforceable, that they would flout it to their dying breaths. But on Wednesday the city said the ban had been largely, if not entirely, effective: the number of smokers observed in 13 selected parks in Manhattan and Brooklyn was 68 percent lower in October 2011 than in October 2010. …And all this with only a gentle puff of enforcement: 221 smoking tickets have been issued on city parkland since the ban went into effect: fewer than one per day.” The photo above was taken at a Brooklyn park yesterday evening at around 8. The face of the person smoking a cigarette has been photoshopped.
    Parks Working Out as Smoke-Free Zones, City Says [City Room]

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