Building of the Day: 1042 Atlantic Avenue

The BOTD is a no-frills look at interesting structures of all types and from all neighborhoods. There will be old, new, important, forgotten, public, private, good and bad. Whatever strikes our fancy. We hope you enjoy.

1042 Atlantic Avenue, between Classon and Grand
Name: Commercial building
Neighborhood: Prospect Heights/Crown Heights border
Year Built: Unknown, but guessing late 1920’s-1930’s
Architectural Style: Neo-Gothic
Architects: Unknown
Landmarked: No

Why chosen: Atlantic Ave is the boulevard we love to hate. Most of it has always been industrial and commercial, and most of it never pretty, but there was a time when such spaces were designed to please the eye, as well as be functional. This stretch of Atlantic has quite a few very nice buildings, of which this is one. I’m guessing it was probably a car dealership and showroom when it was built. Bedford Avenue’s Automobile Row has a couple of ex-showroom spaces which also have a Gothic flair, very similar to this. I guess it makes sense, Gothic is usually synonymous with religious architecture, and cars are a religion to some people…..The 1920’s and ’30’s were the heyday of Automobile Row, so I’m dating this building to that time period, until I find out otherwise. It’s really quite a handsome design, hopefully someday it will get its showroom windows back.

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