The Upstater: The New(ish) and the Old, on the Cheap


    Fridays at 11, the Upstater website brings you a selection of properties within three hours north, and a bit east or west, of New York City.


    This week, we looked at the ruins of a castle and a full-of-potential midcentury modern ranch, both in the $200,000 range.



    935 Helderberg Castle New Scotland, NY

    This is far for a country pad — a bit southwest of Albany — but it’s unlike anything we’ve come across before. Church ruins, tower ruins, house ruins, plus a functioning 2,500-square-foot house and a 1,500-square-foot garage with electricity and a wood stove that serves as a workshop. It sits on 4.5 acres.

    104 Helderberg Castle Road, New Scotland, N.Y. $179,000. 




    33 Meadow Street, Newburgh

    From another century is this 1950s ranch house in the town of Newburgh (note: not the city, famous for its crime, but in the leafy, rural area outside it). We think with a little bit of care (not even TLC, just a few furnishings and a can of paint) it could be a beaut.


    It’s 1,800 square feet, with four bedrooms, an open kitchen and almost a half acre of land. Yes, it’s a bit suburban, perhaps more attractive to someone heading upstate full time than someone in search of weekend respite. The price is currently $210,000, after a couple of price cuts.

    33 Meadow Street, Newburgh, N.Y. $210,000. GMAP

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