Willets Point Development Includes an 18,000-Square-Foot Business Incubator


    The NY Daily News reports that the Queens Chamber of Commerce plans to operate an 18,000-square-foot incubator space within the Willets Point mega mall development. Apparently the incubator is part of the concessions between the developers, Related Co. and Sterling Equities, and the city. The developers will give the Chamber of Commerce $165,000 to start the place up. Once built, the incubator will be split between two different sections of the development. It will offer businesses a 30 to 40 percent discount on rent, as well as free trainings and other services. There’s also the possibility the incubator will include smaller, ground-floor storefronts for merchants that cater to the area’s diverse ethnic population. This news comes after the City Council approved the developer’s plan to overhaul the Iron Triangle earlier this month.

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