Closing Bell: This Week, a Winner for the Rockaway Design Competition


    This Wednesday, October 23, the NYCHPD will announce the winner of the FAR ROC Design Competition at the Arverne East site in the Rockaways. The two-phase design competition asked applicants to use the Arverne East site, which is more than 80 acres, as a template to identify and explore opportunities for new mixed-use, mixed-income, sustainable and storm-resilient development along the waterfront. The city announced the competition this spring and selected four finalists this summer, giving them each $30,000 to develop their proposals. The winner will receive an additional cash prize of $30,000. Stay tuned for news of the winner. The community is also working on interim uses for the vacant land until more permanent development takes hold.

    Community Eyes Far Rockaways Lots for Interim Use [Q’Stoner]

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