Closing Bell: A Storm-Resistant Home of the Future, Designed for Breezy Point


    A winner has been announced for Urban Green Council’s R3build contest, which asked architects to design a single-family home for a post-Sandy Breezy Point, one that could be constructed for $150,000 or less. The winning design, rendered above, is by the Australian architects Rayne Fouche and Larissa Searle. New York Daily News reports that it’s a prefab, solar-powered home with debris-proof windows dubbed the “Bayside Bunker.” NYC-based architects came in second and third place, proposing trellises and decks to help protect against future storms. The contest applicants designed for an actual Breezy Point property in which the home was totally destroyed by the storm — the property owners have promised to consider using some of the winning designs for the rebuilt house.

    New Proposed Design for Breezy Point Homes is Affordable and Storm-Proof [NY Daily News]

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