Closing Bell: Next Week, a Fundraiser for a Public Art Initiative in the Rockaways


    Beautify Earth, a nonprofit that began in California, is taking on the Rockaways. The group uses public art to uplift communities, and they’ll head to Rockaway Beach Boulevard to beautify over a dozen buildings with murals and street cleanups. They’ve also got a proposal for a community garden and sculpture park in the neighborhood. The list of artists signed on to the project include some world-renowned street artists as well as NYC-based artists. One mural is up, another is coming this month. A group of artists also plan to work with local kids to complete another piece of street art. The Rockaway Artists Alliance is helping engage local artists and leverage resources for this big project.

    Beautify Earth also organized a fundraiser for this endeavor, which will take place on Saturday, April 12th from 8 pm to 12am at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. There will be a live jazz band, a DJ and a raffle throughout the night. Donations at the door will be accepted. Check out all the event details right here. And if you’d like to directly contribute to the project, you can go here.

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