100 Clermont Ave, CB, PS

Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Name: Public School 46, the Edward C. Blum School
Address: 100 Clermont Avenue
Cross Streets: Myrtle and Park Avenues
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Year Built: 1957-59
Architectural Style: Modern
Architect: Katz, Waisman, Blumenkranz, Stein, Weber Architects
Other Buildings by Architect: Coney Island Hospital, Wm Grady HS, Brooklyn; Castle Hill Houses, Bronx; “New Building” for Bellevue Hospital, among others
Landmarked: No

The story: After World War II, the Board of Education of the City of New York was as eager as anyone else to build new cutting edge buildings for this growing city. Under the leadership of Erik Kebbon, who was superintendent of school building from 1938-1952, and his successor, Michael Radoslovich, who had the position until 1969, the New York City School system ventured into the age of Modernism in its school, auditorium and athletic facility buildings. Many of the buildings built during this time were designed in-house, but especially under Radoslovich, outside architectural firms were encouraged to reinvent the modern public school. The days of Collegiate Gothic and Colonial Revival style schools were over. (more…)

164 south portland avenue fort greene 92014

There are many things to love about this adorable Italianate wood frame at 164 South Portland Avenue in Fort Greene, but the floor plan isn’t one of them. If money is no object, we’d rip out the top-floor kitchen and use the house as a one-family. If a rental is necessary, it really should be on the ground floor, since this is a center-staircase house.

We’d also put a nice big stove into that beautiful fireplace in the original kitchen. What do you think of the house and the ask of $2,055,000?

164 South Portland Avenue [Corcoran] GMAP


A tipster sent us this photo of the restoration work under way at 232 Carlton Avenue, the once badly deteriorated St. Mark’s Protestant Episcopal Church where a conversion to 12 condo units has been in the works for years.

The developers “appear to be successfully repairing the stone on the church on the Adelphi side, which was the hottest of messes before,” the tipster told us. “I wouldn’t have thought it possible it could look so good. Real slate roof, copper details — bravo.”

The landmarked building is now known as Carlton Mews. It is related to the Carlton Mews townhouse development at 231 Adelphi Street where a worker was tragically killed in an accident in 2012, but the two sites have different owners.

Scaffolding Goes up at Carlton Mews Church Conversion in Fort Greene [Brownstoner]

101 lafayette avenue fort greene 92014

101 Lafayette Avenue may have the distinction of getting the most Co-op of the Day nods over the past 10 years. (Yes, it’ll be ten years next month.) Why? There aren’t many big prewar buildings in Fort Greene, and we’re suckers for the casement windows and other original details that these apartments have. Today’s listing, a second-floor studio, is pretty basic — one living room plus, presumably, a small kitchen and bathroom. The maintenance is $555 a month and the asking price is $350,000.

101 Lafayette Avenue, #2L [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

274 vanderbilt avenue fort greene 92014

With kitchens on the third and fourth floors only, the layout of this circa 1870s Second Empire-style Italianate is eccentric to be sure. But there are grand proportions and plenty of original detail to work with, at least on the parlor floor.

It would be easy enough to create two floor-through rentals over an owner’s duplex simply by inserting a kitchen into the small room off the rear parlor. But more likely than not, the whole place probably needs the works, if the old baseboard outlets shown in the photos are any indication.

As far as we can tell from public records, 274 Vanderbilt Avenue doesn’t appear to be an SRO and hasn’t traded recently. With an ask of $2,695,000, think it’s worth renovating?

274 Vanderbilt Avenue [CORE] GMAP

carlton mews townhouses fort greene 82014

Two years after construction started, the Carlton Mews townhouses in Fort Greene look like they could be getting ready to hit the market. The stoops are in, and the five townhouses are ready for cornices. The neotraditional homes have all their windows and brick facades, and it looks like interior work is under way. Construction signage says they’ll be finished by December.

The project has come a long way since one of the townhouses collapsed, killing a construction worker in September 2012. (more…)

carlton mews church 232 adelphi street fort greene 82014

A reader sent us this photo of the Carlton Mews Church conversion at 232 Adelphi Street in Fort Greene, which is slowly becoming 12 condos. Last year, the DOB issued permits for a residential conversion, designed by RSVP Studio. Four of the units will be duplexes, and the cellar will have fitness and recreation rooms, according to Schedule A filings. (more…)

Cumberland front

A tipster let us know about a truly bizarre problem in their Fort Greene apartment building. Apparently someone in the building at 301 Cumberland Street has been dumping trash bags full of urine down the garbage chute. And these are not tiny trash bags, they are the kind used in kitchen garbage cans and they are half full of urine–yes we have a picture of the offending bags after the jump.

According to the tipster this has been going on since about November of 2013 with bag after pee-filled bag bursting at the bottom of the chute or leaking after it lands. The basement now reeks of urine and is becoming unusable. Unfortunately the building’s laundry room is also located in the basement. “Our basement has become a truly foul place to go,” said the tipster. (more…)

70 lafayette avenue fort greene 82014

This Fort Greene townhouse on Lafayette Avenue is divided up into two duplexes, each with two bedrooms, 2.5 baths and central air conditioning. Each unit has its own outdoor space. Its been recently renovated and there are no details that we can see left inside the home. Everything is new–floors, walls, moldings, recessed lighting. It sold in May of 2013 for $1,300,000 in what looks like an estate sale. It’s asking $3,499,000, quite a windfall for the seller, but that is not out of line with what townhouses are selling for in Fort Greene these days. What do you think of it?

70 Lafayette Avenue [Elliman] GMAP