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943 st marks avenue crown heights 72014

Here’s a slightly pricey but modern one-bedroom condo for rent in Crown Heights. The exposed brick might not appeal to everyone, but the kitchen has stainless steel appliances and a decent amount of cabinet space. The big windows help open up the living room too. However, the asking price seems ambitious for this size and location. What do you think of it for $2,000 a month?

943 St. Marks Ave, #2A [Ideal Properties] GMAP

07/24/14 3:00pm

530 Eastern Parkway, former Kameo Theater, SSpellen

Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Throwback Thursday: An old post revisited, with an update

Name: Philadelphian Sabbath Church, formerly Kameo Theater, formerly Cameo Theater
Address: 530 Eastern Parkway
Cross Streets: Corner Nostrand Avenue
Neighborhood: Crown Heights South
Year Built: 1924
Architectural Style: Egyptian influenced Art Deco
Architect: Harrison Wiseman
Other Buildings by Architect: Our Lady of Vilnius Church, Yiddish Theater, 2nd Avenue, Manhattan. Also Albemarle, Alpine, Rolland, Pavilion and Loew’s Oriental Theaters in Brooklyn
Landmarked: No

The story: Way back in the early 1980s, before I moved to Brooklyn, I sang with a choir that made a guest appearance at this church. I remember I didn’t know where I was, as I didn’t know Brooklyn at all, but that the church, obviously a former theater, was very cool. When I moved to Bed Stuy and wandered over here one day, what a pleasant surprise. There it was. It turns out that the place has quite a history, too. (more…)

st johns place multifamily crown heights 92013

Multi-family buildings are selling like crazy throughout Brooklyn, and the biggest growth is happening in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Bed Stuy and Bushwick, according to a report from Ariel Property Advisors highlighted by The Real Deal. In those three neighborhoods alone, 252 properties were sold in 170 transactions totaling nearly $710,000,000. Sales in Crown Heights, Bed Stuy and Bushwick made up a quarter of all the borough’s investment transactions.  (more…)

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608-614 franklin dev site crown heights

As rents surge in Crown Heights, pressure is mounting on Community Board 8 to rezone again to permit housing in the industrial-only area there, if we read between the lines of a story by WNYC correctly. The story quotes one area business owner and one community board member who support the idea of permitting residential housing on top of factories. (more…)

07/16/14 3:00pm

894-916 Sterling Pl. SSpellen 1

Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Name: Row houses
Address: 894-916 Sterling Place
Cross Streets: Nostrand and New York Avenues
Neighborhood: Crown Heights North
Year Built: 1889
Architectural Style: Queen Anne
Architect: J. H. Herbert
Other Buildings by Architect: Rowhouses, stables and renovations in Bedford Stuvyesant, Crown Heights, Park Slope.
Landmarked: Yes, part of Crown Heights North HD, Phase 2 (2011)

The story: Before the mid-1880s, most of Brooklyn’s row houses were mostly rows of identical buildings stretching down a block. These were houses in the Greek Revival, Italianate, and Neo-Grec styles, with a few variations and cross pollinations tossed in. The repetition of their facades is actually part of their charm, but by the 1880’s, people were tired of it, and wanted something different. In came the Romanesque Revival style of architecture, followed closely by the Queen Anne style.

Here, diversity was prized. Most of the architects working in these styles designed in groups, repeating their facades as little as possible, depending on the number of lots available. Some great architects, like Magnus Dahlander, could do a block of 35 houses and never repeat himself once. Most of the time though, all of these architects, including Dahlander, designed smaller groups in sequences like ABBA, or ABCDCBA, each letter representing a specific façade. (more…)

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A project to create a Medgar Evers campus quad by narrowing a Crown Heights street proposed 20 years ago is finally moving forward. Crown Street between Bedford and Franklin will be narrowed to one lane with no parking to create a lounge area with a big lawn where students can “lie on the grass and attend classes, lectures and concerts,” said The New York Daily News. (more…)

07/09/14 4:00pm

medgar evers college building 1638 bedford crown heights

Starting this Friday, Medgar Evers College will kick off its 16th annual Jazzy Jazz Festival, which will bring weekly jazz concerts to southern Crown Heights. Performers in this year’s lineup include MEC Jazz Ensemble & The Strobert Trio, Dr. Mambo & The Experience Ensemble featuring Neil Clarke and Alex Blake, Stanley Banks & Friends featuring Monte Croft, Jeff King Band, and a Caribbean cultural celebration for the school’s poet-in-residence for the jazz series, Nikki Williams. Performances will take place every Friday this summer from 6 to 9 pm along Crown Street next to the college’s new science center, at 1638 Bedford Avenue (pictured).

Photo by Tchassis via Wikimedia Commons

07/09/14 11:30am

341 eastern parkway interior 1

Interior photos have been added to the listings for 341 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, the eight-story, 63-unit rental building that will sport Crown Heights’ first Starbucks, even though leasing won’t start until July 10. Curbed was the first to spot the photos, which look pretty good, in our opinion. The Meshberg Group-designed development will also have a Capital One branch on the ground floor. (more…)

07/08/14 12:00pm

crown heights mural edit

Artist Mike Perry has painted a new mural on Bergen Street between Franklin and Classon. It says “Crown Heights” and depicts people and buildings among trees and flowers. He lives in Crown Heights, and his studio is located on the block, in the Monti building at 925 Bergen. The colorful wall is the first in an ongoing mural project Perry is curating with Sue Boyle and Benton Brown, the owners of the lot. Thanks to Brooklynian for bringing it to our attention. What do you think of it?

07/07/14 10:00am

eastern parkway townhouses crown heights

A story in The New York Times over the weekend described the rapid gentrification and changes happening in Crown Heights, as longtime residents and businesses move out and are replaced by newcomers. Many businesses have moved to Flatbush, and residents typically move to Flatbush, East New York and Brownsville, according to the story.

Developers such as Realty Within Reach, Hello Living and Brookland Capital, of course, discovered the neighborhood a few years ago, and “more than 1,250 units in about two dozen residential projects” are in the works, mostly west of Nostrand and north of Eastern Parkway, according to the story. While very few are “affordable,” Brookland Capital’s Boaz Gilad explains the appeal of a condo:

“Most of our buyers are people in their late 20s and early 30s who live in the neighborhood already, paying, say, $2,400 a month in a free-market building,” he told the Times. “With an F.H.A. loan or some help from parents or money they’ve saved, the cost of buying the apartment will be maybe $2,600 or $2,700 a month. So there will be no change in monthly costs, but they’re going to own an asset.” (more…)