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  • whoa, macon st house is great, but what’s with the swastika-ish floor pattern!

    • Remember that particular pattern in the 1800’s when this house was built would have been a cool looking puzzle pattern much like the Greek Key pattern in other rooms. It had no negative connotation prior to Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930’s-40’s. But yes, now it’s kind of awkward looking.

  • RE: 77th Street. This is one of the few grand old homes left tastefully preserved in Bay Ridge and one of my favorites to stop and admire. But the listing photographs carefully omit the real problem which is location. Unfortunately, directly across the street they are just finishing up one of the most FUGLY new construction “homes” (literally looks like a movieplex building) which has undoubtedly destroyed the block visually, not to mention the view from this grand front porch. Given what has happened across the street, I now worry about the fate of THIS house. Sigh.