The Greene Grape to Open a Restaurant


The Greene Grape is expanding its Fort Greene food empire to include a restaurant. The as-yet-unnamed eatery will open in the former Provisions space at 753 Fulton Street, above, according to a story in DNAinfo.

The focus will be on local food and wine from the other Greene Grape stores, including wine from The Greene Grape, baked goods from Annex and cheese and meats from Greene Grape Provisions. Community Board 2 voted to send a letter of support for the liquor license. The restaurant has not yet set a date to open, said the story.

Eatery Run by Greene Grape Owner Set to Open in Fort Greene [DNAinfo] GMAP


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  • Just when I thought the Green Grape couldn’t possibly overcharge anymore for their foodstuffs, now they’ll take them out of the case, put them on a plate, and mark them up 300%. The food is admittedly tasty, but Jesus Christ is it overpriced.

  • Thought I AM looking forward to the showdown between Greene Grape and the Korean power couple that owns like 5 places 6 stores between South Elliott and Greene Ave. I think between the two of them they run 5% of the storefronts on those three blocks.