Are the Vintage Trolleys Back in Red Hook?


A reader sent us the photo above with the headline “are they back?” last night. As you may recall, some of the vintage streetcars were carted off in February.

Coincidentally or not, their collector, Bob Diamond, a historic railways buff, has just finished a new report about setting up a streetcar system that would run from Red Hook to downtown Brooklyn and re-opening the unused 169-year-old subway tunnel under Atlantic Avenue that has been closed since 2010, DNAinfo reported. He has also set up a Kickstarter fund to ask for $5,000 to print up copies of the study to send to elected officials.

Do you think a streetcar from Red Hook to downtown sounds like a good plan?

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  • “Bob Diamond, a historic railways buff”

    i can think of a few more things to add to the list of what bob diamond is but i will refrain.

  • Not sure how feasible a plan like this is, but more transit options is a good idea pretty much everywhere in NYC.

  • Bob Diamond needs to give up on his unrealistic and unworkable plan to bring street cars back to Red Hook. What would really help is more bus service and some Citi Bike stations.

    Street cars with tracks would just snarl traffic, cause accidents and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Not worth it for Bob to feel nostalgic.

  • not my tax money, thankyouverymuch. This guy needs a new hobby. For the love of god, get a new hobby mate.

  • I want a streetcar to be a good idea, but I’m finding it hard to accept. It would certainly be much more expensive than more buses, and the only way to justify the premium would be because a street car would have major tourist caché; I don’t think it would be faster.

    I think of the Green Line trains in Boston as a model. But still seems like pie in the sky.

    BTW, my vote for nice but unrealistic projects includes a street car from park slope on Union that turns on 3rd Ave.,, perhaps skirts the Whole Foods zone, and goes to Red Hook. Not happening either.