House of the Day: 252 Carlton Avenue

This estate sale at 252 Carlton Avenue in Fort Greene is an imposing Italianate with grand proportions and ornate ceilings. The rooms shown appear to be in nearly perfect condition but there are only three and no photos of kitchens or baths. The listing says the mechanicals have been upgraded but the house needs restoration. It is configured as a triplex over a garden rental. What do you think of it and the $2,595,000 ask?

252 Carlton Avenue [CORE] GMAP

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  • Not in love with the triplex layout and 1 1/2 baths.

  • yeah I agree, the layout is trouble.. the third floor kitchen is just weird, and having a powder room only on the master bedroom floor also problematic… so you’d have to move a kitchen and add a bathroom or live with your master off the kitchen and no place to bathe on your sleeping floor.

    I also hate when listings don’t just show the whole house. It’s not like someone is going to buy it sight unseen. Please don’t make it hard for your potential buyers… but maybe the bad listing just helps the final buyer get a better deal. It did work for us that way, but of course we bought in 2009 which is 100 years ago in real estate time.

  • After being inside the building is great structurally speaking the mechanicals are in pretty good shape but the place is only partially restored and I used partially lightly. The kitchen placement is the worst part and it wont be cheap to do all the restoration to the floors (which look way nicer in the pics) than in real life, wal;s, detatils, etc. there are some mantels missing or need a lot of help. Great block and overall location though.

  • I got in to see this place last Friday. Its enormous. Needs quite a bit of work but will be a real showplace after someone sinks at least $800K into it. The kitchen on the 3rd floor has to go and a new kitchen has to be installed in the rear parlor. The bottom rental needs to be entirely redone. Bathrooms are inadequate. Needs a deck off the parlor floor. The detail on the parlor floor ceiling is beautiful but needs restoration. Lots of skim coating to do as the upper floor doors and ceilings are all lumpy and ugly. One thing that impressed me is that the sub basement ceiling is about 9 ft high. Overall the place seems quite solid. Stairs aren’t hanging off the wall or anything like that. Someone will pay full price and do it justice with a high end reno.

  • Been inside. HUGE house. Spaces are massive…and likely will one day be a very generous upper triplex with bottom floor rental. Lots of work to be done…….but whoever buys it will likely pimp it out so the existing layout will be tweaked to make it less strange……….great block…

  • Fexley hit it spot on. Stairs do need some work as well but I should have mentioned the basement ceilings out do a lot of parlor floors Ive seen. In the right hands this place can be incredible once again.

  • This will be gone by the end of the week. Well over ask

  • been inside too – what a great wreck – needs oodles of money – if this is the new Fort Greene WOW