Monday Blogwrap

Williamsburg’s Own Croissant-Bagel Hybrid: The Cragel [Gothamist]
Video: Step Inside the Williamsburg Apartment Made of Shipping Containers [Gothamist]
Bloomberg Goes Back to Work at Bloomberg [Intelligencer]
The MTA Leaves Passengers out in the Cold in 7-Degree Weather [Sheepshead Bites]
Will Whole Foods Spell the End of Carroll Gardens Family Businesses? [GYFO]
LICH Update: NYU Langone Joins Fortis to Rival Brooklyn Hospital Bid [BHB]
The 22 Brooklynest Things in the Gowanus Whole Foods [Thrillist]
At First Bite: Nine Chains [Ditmas Park Corner]
Flatbush Site With Rare Tax Abatement Asks $20 Million [TRD]
Behind the Scenes at the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn [Untapped]
House of Yes Finds a New Home in Bushwick [Brooklyn Paper]

Photo by Chaya Selzer

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  • I live in Stuyvesant Heights and love the fact that Whole Foods is “not a far” car drive away. In fact, I am the guy buying an item in each aisle three times per week just because…. Sadly, I am happy to stick it to the crappy supermarkets in our area. Now I’ve got a solution for the small business owners who are hurting because of Whole Foods. You guessed it. Bed Stuy is waiting! And Whole Foods won’t be here when it’s time to renew your 10-year lease.