Monday Blogwrap


    Williamsburg’s Own Croissant-Bagel Hybrid: The Cragel [Gothamist]
    Video: Step Inside the Williamsburg Apartment Made of Shipping Containers [Gothamist]
    Bloomberg Goes Back to Work at Bloomberg [Intelligencer]
    The MTA Leaves Passengers out in the Cold in 7-Degree Weather [Sheepshead Bites]
    Will Whole Foods Spell the End of Carroll Gardens Family Businesses? [GYFO]
    LICH Update: NYU Langone Joins Fortis to Rival Brooklyn Hospital Bid [BHB]
    The 22 Brooklynest Things in the Gowanus Whole Foods [Thrillist]
    At First Bite: Nine Chains [Ditmas Park Corner]
    Flatbush Site With Rare Tax Abatement Asks $20 Million [TRD]
    Behind the Scenes at the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn [Untapped]
    House of Yes Finds a New Home in Bushwick [Brooklyn Paper]

    Photo by Chaya Selzer

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