Wooden House on Smith Street to Be Altered


A crumbling wood-clad 19th century row house on Smith Street with all its trim intact is probably going to be altered beyond recognition soon, according to neighborhood blog Pardon Me For Asking. Permits have been pulled for a two-story addition, and blogger Katia Kelly speculates the cornice will probably be removed and the facade altered.

Of course, it would be great if the addition were set back and not visible from the street, and the front facade were restored. The property is located at 159 Smith Street between Wycoff and Bergen Streets in Boerum Hill.

Small Wood Clad House on Smith Street Soon to Be Altered [PMFA]
Photo by PMFA

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  • That’s too bad. Seems like it should be more valuable restored to it’s original state. why not just expand off the back like everyone else does with these buildings.

  • I didn’t think you could add two stories to a 3 story wood frame house? Are they using the parapets of the neighboring brick buidings? Are they knocking it down to the masonry foundation and bulding back up from there?