House of the Day: 101 Macon Street

This three-story-plus-basement brownstone at 101 Macon Street has lots of pretty details and is currently set up as a triplex over a garden-floor rental. There’s a whimsical screen, stained glass, eight very nice late 19th-century mantels, and what looks like two original windows.

Most buyers will probably want to update, although the bathrooms and kitchens look basic but functional. There’s a lot of nice wood work that could probably use some stripping.

We noticed, however, that HPD and the Department of Buildings have it as an SRO (with seven “B” class units), although the listing makes no mention of it. It last traded hands for $530,000 in February in what may have been some kind of foreclosure-related action, after the long-time owner may have refinanced. The name of the current owner is Professional Settlement Agency LLC, according to PropertyShark.

What do you make of it for $1,399,000?

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