Bodega on Vanderbilt Will Become Bakery

A sustainable bakery called Little Cupcake Bakeshop will open next spring at 589 Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, according to co-owner Massimo LoBuglio. The storefront on the corner of St. Marks Avenue, which used to be Pena’s Food Market, will be Little Cupcake’s third location in the city, joining two in Soho and Bay Ridge. Little Cupcake has become known as the world’s first carbon-neutral bakery, because they use energy efficient practices and appliances, green construction, biodegradable packaging and ConEd Solutions wind power, according to their website. And their stores are insulated by recycled blue jeans, just like the Kickstarter headquarters in Greenpoint.

They’ve also hosted fundraisers for endangered species, hungry children in developing countries and environmental charities. And the four Brooklyn brothers who run the bakery enjoy supporting street art: Their Prince Street store hosted a Shepard Fairey mural two years ago, and they plan to have street artist Gilf! paint the Prospect Heights shop. GMAP

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  • Business openings have really slowed in prospect heights since CB8 got all activisty against anything new opening up in the area. I’m glad they allowed Little Cupcake to slip through. I hope other prospective businesses continue to consider our neighborhood and not fear the bullying of our militant community board.

    • “All activisty against anything new”? “Bullying”? “Militant”? This is a massive over-generalization and sounds suspiciously like sour grapes. I’m not on the CB8 board but I’m slightly involved in local civic affairs and the only resistance I’ve seen is to the proliferation of bars, especially those with outdoor space. Seems reasonable enough — quality of life for local residents should be protected. Otherwise I’d say CB8 tries very hard to encourage economic development in the district. Bear in mind, many of the CB8 members lived here through the years when NO ONE wanted to open businesses in Crown Heights or Prospect Heights!

    • There is NO shortage of businesses opening in CB8 and CB8 didn’t need to do anything for this business to open! you’re just a troll with an agenda to spew crap!

  • Don’t these people know that the cupcake bubble has burst? The new bubble is macaroons.

  • Trolls, agendas, burst crap, WOW!! Should we attend CB8 meetings to find out what we’re missing?
    ANYINFONYC is correct tho’–
    CB8 suggests reasonable things. For ex: If you want a variance supported then offer affordable housing, hire within the community, things that support the community not merely the gentrification thereof.
    Seems reasonable enough–
    Trolls? HA!

  • Little Cupcake’s cupcakes are way too dry….at least in their Bay Ridge store.

  • I’d take a delicious cheap deli sandwich with shredded lettuce over a dumb carbon neutral cupcake any day.

  • Vanderbilt Ave is all of 8 blocks long and has Joyce, Stocked, Milk bar and the Bagel shop where one can get coffee and pastries. Why on earth with so much nearby competition would anyone want to open yet another bakery type place? I do hope they do well, but I also hope that they don’t pull business from the other already established businesses on the strip.

  • Bodega has been closed for over two years. Heard the owner retired. I think this is a great addition to our neighborhood. I frequent their shop on Mott St, their cakes are great. Cupcakes are not the only thing they serve. CB8 should give priority to all small, mom and pop businesses like these over chains..