Brooklyn “Wins Big” in Primary Elections

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Brooklyn-based candidates won some of the most hotly contested seats in yesterday’s primary, noted The Brooklyn Paper, with “Park Sloper Bill DeBlasio claiming the Democratic nomination for mayor, Brooklyn Heights boy Joe Lhota grabbing the Republican line, and Carroll Gardens state Sen. Daniel Squadron and Fort Greene Councilwoman Letitia James heading into a runoff for Public Advocate.” Quite a few of the ballot hopefuls for citywide elections came from Brooklyn, including Bill Thompson, who was born in Bed Stuy, Sal Albanese and Anthony Weiner.

So far, DeBlasio has garnered more than 40 percent of the votes, necessary to win, but the ballots are still being counted. If there is a runoff election, it will be against Thompson.

The outcome of a number of closely watched Brooklyn City Council races are likely to affect development in the borough. In the 33rd District, incumbent Steve Levin of Greenpoint, who had ties to former Assemblyman Vito Lopez, beat challenger Stephen Pierson, who had promised to sue the city over developments Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial Street. No word yet on whether he still intends to do so.

In the nearby 34th District, relative newcomer Antonio Reynoso beat Lopez, who had been hugely influential on housing issues in Brooklyn and citywide until forced to resign from the state legislature because of sexual harassment charges. In the 35th District, Laurie Cumbo will replace Tish James as council member.

Cumbo said she will be more friendly to developers, according to The Brooklyn Paper. “It would be almost malpractice to be a council member and to have no relationship with the developers who are building this community,” she said. How do you like that?

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  • Mathieu Eugene (or, as I call him, Dr. Stupid) won in the 40th CD :-(

  • Very concerned about Laurie Cumbo in the 35th CD. Having a relationship with developers is one thing. But, regarding Atlantic Yards, will she be prepared to ask the tough questions? There is so much still to be resolved including the density (approx. 7,000 apartments in fourteen 25-40 story skyscrapers are still planned) and the affordability equations (income levels are one issue; also, eliminating 2 and 3-bedroom apts effectively excludes the families who most need afforadble housing). If built as planned, this will be the most dense housing tract anywhere on the North American continent. I really hope she’s prepared to do the homework on this project so that she can best represent her constituency. We need good governance and more oversight for AY to work!

    • She will also need to work with parts of Crown Heights North, as well as Crow Hill and Prospect Heights. There are a lot of pressing issues in this area, most especially regarding housing, as well. This is one of Brooklyn’s fastest growing parts of town, and the “relationship with developers” worries me, as well.

      For what it’s worth, Tish James had good relationships with many different developers. The ones who understood the concerns of the neighborhood, and wanted to work with her to see good things come to the neighborhood were friends and supporters. No one is against reasonable growth, it’s out of control, no holds barred, the sky’s the limit development that I worry about.

      • I worry about this as well. Tish was very much about the community, all aspects of it. Cumbo makes me very, very uneasy. Her relationships with developers is not what I wanted to hear as the topic for a victory speech.

        And as a public school parent, I worry because her comments about education have been, frankly, inane and uninformed.

        • When you see her endorsements, Cumbo is clearly well connected to the Brooklyn democratic machine. (Though having Yvette Clark’s support is a dubious honor — she’s one of the worst performing representatives in the House.) But will she hobnob just with the elite or be a council member working for ALL local residents? Tish was unjustly criticised. In my experience, she was hard-working, progressive and open to a wide variety of opinions.

        • What has she said about education?

          • i don’t think she’s said much but here is her “platform.”

            she appears to believe that a primary concern for education in our district is that we should be more welcoming for the college students who attend schools in the district (who probably don’t vote, don’t pay taxes, don’t intend to stay here long-term…).

          • She hasn’t said much. There was some nonsense about having middle and high schoolers visit colleges, not a word about co-locations, though I saw kids in Success Academy uniforms on one of her mailer

          • She hasn’t said much. There was some nonsense about having middle and high schoolers visit colleges, not a word about co-locations, though I saw kids in Success Academy uniforms on one of the many, many mailings I received from her campaign. I worry that she’s going to be a lot more charter friendly than Tish, but more than that I just worry that she will not be responsive to the needs of parents and families in the community where education is concerned. There is a lot of chat about the arts, but I think families in this district have more basic needs, i.e. decent middle schools, support of the public schools we do have.