Luxury Rentals Launch at 71 Stuyvesant


After buying 71 Stuyvesant Avenue in the part of town Corcoran is calling Bedwick (Bed Stuy meets Bushwick, get it?) in 2010 for $640,000, the new owner set about renovating the walkup building; in retrospect that looks like a great price for a 6,200-square-foot building in this rapidly changing area. After two and a half years, the project was ready for its unveiling yesterday. At an open house yesterday, the twelve units, ranging in price from $1,650 for a 450-square-foot studio to $3,950 for a 1,800-square-foot four-bedroom, were shown for the first time. Every apartment has central air and heat and there’s a shared laundry facility in the building. Update: We’re hearing that about a dozen people showed up to the open house yesterday.

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  • No, stop!!! Bedwick???? Is there no end to the micro-nabe “branding?”

    If you rent here, you live in Bed Stuy, people. Yes, Bedford Stuyvesant. There is no “Bedwick.”

  • They’ll claim anything is luxury so they can slap a high price on it.

  • wow. $1650 for a tiny brand new Bed-Stuy studio. Is that what studios are going for these days? I must be giving away my large brand new Bed-Stuy 1 BR at that price!

  • I’d love to see if they can get these rents at this location. This is really in the “ass-end” of Bed-Stuy and across the street from huge hi-rise projects. Bed-Stuy, like Bushwick, is a large neighborhood that varies dramatically from one end to the other.

  • Bedwick? Corcoran, you’re doin’ it wrong. Also, I know the area well and these rents are about $500 more than anything I’ve seen.

  • I guess the theme of today seems to be BUYERS SEIZE CONTROL OVER YOUR WALLETS. Show restraint and the brokers won’t have a choice but to listen! $3000 dollars to be in the middle of no mans land and next to the projects, no thanks, I could find a decent apt. in the city for the at that price.

  • This place is like 10 minutes into the Lower East Side, and practically a stones throw away from Williamsburg. I don’t understand the ass-end of anything in relation to these areas. There are plenty of people that will pay to be in close proximity to these areas. Hard to believe folks still are surprised at things that happen here as far as real estate. This part of Bed-Stuy has been discovered and will continue to appreciate, whether you think it is fair, or not.

    • But the reality is If the value is in being closer to the city, then one could pay the same rent and live in the city. PS at that rate why would one choose to live next to these high-rise projects. The are much nicer locations around BK and Manhattan which are comparable to this pricing. The Value doesn’t add up to the Bed-Stuy hype Corcoran is trying to ride off of.

      • Omar, I agree with you, but you and I my friend can’t and don’t control what people do with their money and what their mind perceives as trendy. Some people just simply like Brooklyn better, even if it costs the same as a place in Manhattan. I am one of those people and it has to do with where I was raised. When I come home to Brooklyn, I feel like I can breathe a little better and have more space. My Bed-Stuy neighborhood around Saratoga park gets very quiet at night and I love it, my old Manhattan neighborhood not so much, in fact it is worse. I still like going into Manhattan, but I love going back to Brooklyn at night.

      • “The are much nicer locations around BK and Manhattan which are comparable to this pricing.”

        eh, not really. have you tried renting an apartment in a “nicer” location lately?

        still wouldn’t pay those prices for this location though.