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  • way better than those whiny stickers ft greene residents were defacing the stations with

  • Sure it recalls the “wacky packies”I got when I was a kid which riffed off brand names. And to the extent that one objects to the corporate sponsorship I guess it is fair social commentary. But insofar as it is a comment on the bikes themselves, it is inaccurate and juvenile. The bikes have worked great for me, both for shortish neighborhood jaunts (perfect it they added Park Slope where the baby-momma lives), and for my pushing the 45 minute limit to get to appointments in midtown from Brooklyn. And they seem to engender great curiosity amongst New Yorkers across the various demographic divides. On Saturday my partner and I spent ten minutes explaining it to an older guy who felt that the bus was too expensive and thought 95/year might work for him. And I guess as I myself get older I get less sympathetic to random acts of defacing of our public infrastructure.

    • this is not public infrastructure, it is a corporate backed for profit bike share program. i’m pretty sure that is what the sticker vandal was saying if anything. more likely its a harmless prank. if you don’t like “random acts of defacing” move to the suburbs.

      • The profits, if there are any, are split 50/50 between the NYCBIke and the City. It is certainly infrastructure for the use of the public, even if it is not strictly government owned. I imagine that if the city had spent its own funds to create this, many would complain about the diversion of resources from the buses or schools. And, Moonface, I’ve been a resident of this city for 25 years – I get to be a crotchety old man when I want to, especially when I acknowledge it upfront. So perhaps you, dear Cara de luna, should take the chill pill which you are so freely offering to others…

        Why do people say such silly things like: “if you don’t like it then move to the suburbs?” So anytime someone says something that you may not agree with you dismiss them with these kind of comments?

        Using your logic, then one can easily say: if you don’t like the comment then stop reading it. Wow, that was easy. I like this, I’m getting the hang of it. I’ll deploy it in real life. How’s this scenario:

        “What, you don’t like my music blaring at 3am on a work night? Tough, move to the suburbs!!!!” Oh yeah, I got the hang of it. Yipppeeee. Let’s all live without any civility or respect towards others.

  • i like the bike share program and i like this. winning

  • just spotted a shitibike in midtown

  • It’s just juvenile, and not terribly clever. I appreciate that Citi Corp is supporting this program, and it cost them a pretty penny. I am a member and use it almost every day, and I would like to see it rolled out to more neighborhoods. this is a negative act against a good program; yes, it would be real nice for it not to have to be sponsored, but that is not the world we live in. What’s the big deal, they get a little marketing, and I get to work for cheap; everyone wins.

  • One has to wonder about the a-holes that did this. Problem with bikes? Cheap, convenient, and environmentally sound transportation? They spend the big bucks and then “activists” or “artists” like these people make their little statement and then run off and brag to their friends at the next circle-jerk. Pretty smart. Really witty. So impressive.

  • I’m getting really tired of all the citibike naysayers. It’s about time the rest of us became more vocal about what a great program this is. I’ve been in NYC for almost 20 years, and this is one of the best things that’s happened in the city. It’s an excellent way to get around, gets people to exercise, and a really great alternative to the subway when possible. I use it as often as I can, and $95 for an annual pass is a downright bargain. We need to encourage the city to continue to expand the program to more neighborhoods, and add more bike lanes. Let’s not give airtime to juvenile vandals.

  • Lots of up tight people here.

    Let me clue you in…most pranks are, by definition, juvenile. Lighten up.

  • The bike program/thing is nice, and I guess this is cool if you aren’t old enough to have seen versions of it hundreds of times. But just remember: this isn’t really a private/public partnership since Citibank is “very” owned by the federal government. Still, even as a conservative, I think it’s a good idea, and I hope it at least breaks even. Also, it would be cool to be able to use this system get from Park Slope to Ft. Greene quickly.

  • “since Citibank is “very” owned by the federal government.”

    Next time look up some facts before you post, BrooklynCouch

  • What are the chances that the “reader” who sent this in isn’t the person who made the sticker?

  • Pratt: n. Alternative spelling of prat

    Prat: n. A stupid or foolish person

  • Yep. It’s sophmoric and spot on considering this corporate logo intrusion to our neighborhoods. I love it.

    And cost shiticorp a “pretty penny”? Not at all. This decision was made on CPI (Cost Per Impression and CPI only – nothing environmental, social or healthful about it.

    It’s about subverting the logo into the collective subconscious as many times as possible for the lowest possible cost. Period.

    And trust me, this was an absolute bargain – or shiticorp would never have done it. The residual benefits of having their business associated with all the nice social/personal benefits listed above can’t be purchased with a million newspaper ads.

    Bravo to the sticker kids. Make more. A lot more;-) And sticker shock the whole shiti!

  • I agree with designerbiker…”It’s just juvenile, and not terribly clever.” I love Citibike…it’s awesome:)