House of the Day: 364 Jefferson Avenue

Evans & Nye just keeps picking up glorious listings in Bed Stuy. Designed by Axel Hedman in the Romanesque Revival style, the brownstone at 364 Jefferson Avenue has bay windows, 12-foot ceilings, fireplaces, stained glass, inlaid and parquet floors, and many other original features. It is currently set up with an owner’s duplex on the bottom two floors and two floor-through apartments above. (The listing says it can be delivered vacant.) The mechanicals are new, and there is a finished basement and a sun deck. It is located in the proposed Stuyvesant West Historic District. The ask is $1,700,000. Think it will go fast?

364 Jefferson Avenue [Evans & Nye] GMAP P*Shark

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  • that’s one hell of a house. $436/ft doesn’t seem totally outrageous for a place this beautiful… on the other hand, I have friends who just closed on a place 2 blocks away for mid-$700k’s. this nice, no, but as an alternative you could have 2 of those houses–1 all to yourself, 1 for income–and some scratch left over.

    • 2 blocks away for mid-$700k. That’s amazing and almost unbelievable. What is your friend’s house address?

      • double-checked… it’s 3 blocks away. sorry, but it would be a d!ck move for me to post my friend’s exact address on the internet. the price isn’t entirely out of line if you keep in mind they just closed, but went into contract 4-6 months ago. it was a good deal then and the market has continued to go nuts since.

        • I still doubt it. We looked at 406 Putnam between Tompkin and Marcy in October. The place was only 3100sq ft on a terrible block and good amount of work. Even back then, the place was listed for $789k and sold for $999k. (check it out on Streeteasy). Also check 201 Hancock, 7 Arlington, 12 Arlington etc…So the point is that properties in this area have been selling for $1M+ for a long time and most likely, your friend’s place is either really small, on a terrible block, in a terrible shape or occupied by some problem tenants.

          • I said their place wasn’t comparable to the house above. I don’t know the square footage (no doubt it’s smaller than this relatively large house) and they work to do, but they love their block and they get along with their free market tenant just fine.

  • And at least this one doesn’t have the ugly chipping marble on the outside!

  • Went to last weekend’s open house and this place has incredible original details most of which have never been painted over. Needs some updating to the kitchen in the owners duplex and the deck probably needs to be redone but I’d be surprised if this one didn’t go over ask. What house isnt going over ask these days?