Condo of the Day: 438 12th Street, #1E

If you don’t mind the idea of living on the ground floor, this new listing at the Ansonia Clock Factory at 438 12th Street in Park Slope might be worth a gander. The three-bedroom pad has high ceilings, big windows and private outdoor space. It also has an asking price of $1,750,000 — not exactly bargain-basement pricing, but this is the new reality, people. There’s no square footage provided with the listing but we’re guesstimating this is priced around $1,000 a foot. In. The. South. Slope.
438 12th Street, #1E [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Beautiful apartment in an amazing building. Also, why the surprise (“in.the.South.Slope.”)? This is in a prime area. ALL of the blocks of Park Slope that are west of Prospect Park (i.e., south of Union St down to 15th St) and are above 7th Ave are prime center Slope. Beyond 15th St (meaning, south of the Park), yes, you could be surprised at a high price, but all the blocks that slope down from the Park are sought after and very expensive. If any bargains are to be had in “south slope” that definition must be south of the Park, in the higher teen numbers possibly to the low 20’s. 10th St to 14th St, between 7th Ave and the Prospect Park West, are highly desirable prime Slope blocks, filled with brownstones and Federal bricks, not South Slope bargain frames.

  • These are very big apartments in a nice location. However, I lived in one years ago and you could hear your neighbors pretty clearly through the walls.

  • I find myself wondering, is this in fact the new reality?

    Sure, these prices seem ludicrous at first blush. Yet compared to London or Paris for example, these prices are still downright cheap by comparison.

    So, new reality or unsustainable bubble? I haven’t been convinced yet either way.

  • Am I misreading the floor plan? Looks more like 1200 sqft than 1750.

  • I like nice lofts, but I’ve looked at several in those Ansonia bldgs (which a lot of people seem to love, and in theory, at least from the outside, seem like they’d make for great apartments as is the case with many conversions) and they were awful: through-wall A/Cs, crappy baseboard heating, shoddy drywall renovation, and really small and patched together to give the appearance of more “rooms.” I really wanted to like it though, because I like that street/location.

  • Agree – always thought these were nicer on the outside than the renovation on the inside. Also don’t like baseboard heating, the drywall, the spaces.
    This used to be the scary south slope, back when the first main Ansonia building was cooped – there were lots of empty buildings across the street on 7th Ave., and it wasn’t a pleasant part of the street to walk down at night. That has long since changed, however. And, more recently, they started calling it prime slope, instead of south slope. Agree it has been prime for awhile, but is still the southern (though nice) part of the slope to those who were here back then.