Vacant Lots for Sale in Clinton Hill

61-irving-place-040513Four lots at 63-69 Irving Place in Clinton Hill are for sale for $2,300,000. The land is 2,959 square feet with 5,9108 of buildable square feet, according to the listing. It’s zoned R6B, a traditional row house street, so any apartment buildings will have to be built at a similar scale; the maximum building height allowed with setbacks is 50 feet. The area is not landmarked, according to PropertyShark. Since the cost per square foot works out to be $777, we guess whoever buys this will be looking to build quite a few units. GMAP

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  • If you are interested in buying the seller is motivated Call us at Fillmore Real Estate.

  • $390 per buildable square foot? Insane! More than twice the going rate. When see totally unrealistic pricing like that I always wonder whether the price is being set by an owner who isn’t really interested in selling or by a know-nothing broker.

  • Being on this street I don’t understand how this is considered 4 lots. Looks to only be two side by side lots to me. Glad to know max height is 50 feet so that we don’t have some kind of behemoth hanging over us. Its been crazy over here last 2 years, an almost constant stream of construction vehicles and noise. That’s what you get when living in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood! But I love my block and all of my neighbors–super friendly bunch.

  • Wasder – some houses (like the back of the one visible in the rear right) are only 14 foot wide, so it could have been 4 houses at one time. This is right next to the corner building at Irving and Fulton which is being rehabbed and was covered last week…