Work Happening at 71 Irving After Building Collapse

We noticed a full work crew out at Clinton Hill’s 71 Irving Place, at Putnam, although the Department of Buildings issued permits for an interior renovation back in January. The side of the building facing Putnam crumbled one weekend last October. The building, which was unoccupied, had just sold to a new owner. The interior renovation is a total gut: The permit calls for the replacement of existing sheetrock, the doors, flooring, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, boiler and hot water heater.
A Building Collapse on Irving and Putnam [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • I am so glad it will be restored rather than demolished.

  • No one would have wanted to demolish it because it is, I’ve been told, “overbuilt” for the site. The building itself is pretty mundane, and the undersized replacement windows are unfortunate. As an across the street neighbor I would have welcomed a new interestingly designed building in its place, but perhaps the finishes will prove me wrong.

  • “Overbuilt”! “Mundane”! Try “understated”.

    Dissatisfied? Just write a big check, tear it down and build to your heart’s content. Then the rest of us can throw comments at what is your best efforts with limited resources and in the context of the time.

    • I’m sorry Sunsetpark – are you the new owner? Overbuilt means that the building has – I believe – more square footage than the zoning would otherwise allow. Thus I understand why the new owner made the decision to preserve the building. It really is in bad shape – everyone was evicted because of mold, and as the article states the side facade fell down (which was not remedied by the new owner until well into the renovation). I thought I was being generous by calling it “mundane.” It really is less attractive than the other buildings around, but perhaps – as I stated above – the final touches of the renovation will improve it. The too small windows undercut any balance or grace it might have had, and was, in my opinion, a false economy.

  • The windows – it’s a shame. Quite offensive, actually.