Windows Papered Up at the Fulton Street Five Guys

Only one year after opening, it looks as if the Five Guys at 1 Flatbush Avenue has closed. The business phone number is also out of service. Just last month the other Flatbush Avenue location, off Park Place, shuttered. Here’s Park Slope wondered if the reason for its closure could be an “arena-geared presumed clientele that never materialized,” which may also be the case at this location. This Five Guys was working with the Department of Transportation to bring a public plaza to this space with outdoor seating, but nothing’s happened in that regard yet.

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  • Looks like less competition for Shake Shack.

  • What kind of burger place doesn’t sell milkshakes?????????? Good riddance.

  • Or just a franchisee going tits-up and closing a handful of locations, regardless of store performance?

  • I have to say it’s exciting to watch the fits and starts as this area finds its identity.

    I’m all for a changing neighborhood thriving from the new traffic, but if Five Guys finds the area unsuitable I consider that a win too.

    Lets hope leasing costs come down to reasonable levels and great bars and restaurants move in and garner followings, and bottom-feeding opportunist sports bars like Back 9 Grill and ‘Fish Fish Mo Fish’ kick the bucket as a warning to the rest of them.

    • Why are Back 9 and Fish Fish ‘bottom feeding opportunitsts”? Serious question. They feel too far from the arena to be trying to capitalize on it…I’ve yet to feel that there’s an arena crowd on Vanderbilt. Back 9 just didnt feel inviting when I passed or peaked in. And havent seen Fish yet, wasn’t open last I checked.

    • when is Back 9 Grill even open? They seem to be open less than the mayonnaise store.

      I thought 5 Guys flopped because they were too expensive and their employees needed more training.

  • Don’t think this had anything to do with the arena. The 5 Guys on Court Street closed a couple of months ago. Seems like the franchisee(s) are struggling. I don’t know how the location across from NYM on 7th Ave. stays open… it never seems busy.

  • duckwalk you very well may be correct – Quiznos part II

  • They were across the street from a successful McDonald’s. That was probably the killer. There will be more closed Five Guys in the next few months in Brooklyn – they don’t have the needed foot traffic … besides the lousy service and the 3 days of gas attacks after eating one of their belly-bomb meals …

  • I like 5 Guys but this location was hard to get to. Much easier to get to the one farther up on Flatbush and 6th where you can park more easily. But they are all very very expensive. For my partner son and I to eat there usually runs $50 for 3 burgers, fries and drinks. We could eat much better for that price somewhere in the city or at one of the local Williamsburg local spots where we usually go. Jimmy’s Diner on Union is our hidden gem. With that said I do occasionally like a 5 guys burger, just not enough to eat there often. Wish we had In n Out burger. They are my all-time favorite and dirt cheap.

  • I wonder if the one at metrotech will stay open, they have lots of competition with Shake Shack and every fast food burger joint nearby.

  • Whenever I passed the Court St. Five Guys, it was usually empty. No surprise when it closed. Same story with the Flatbush Five Guys. The couple of times I went to the 7th Ave. location, it was pretty busy (perhaps thanks to the Methodist hospital, where I was born, across the street). I live a few blocks away from the Montague St. Five Guys location and it does fairly well during the lunch period, like most eateries on Montague, but not so well during the evening. I think the limited seating and 2nd floor location hurts it.

  • I like 5 guys, their burgers are a step up from the usual Mc Donald’s fare but then – who’s isn’t. Smash Burger at an inferior location – a block away, on Dekalb and they are still around. Business can’t be that bad – plus I believe they are all corporate owned, as opposed to individual franchisees. Something else is going on.