Lots of Glass at the 388 Bridge Street Build

There’s been swift progress at 388 Bridge Street, the massive DoBro development that will house both rental and condo units. The lower floors of the build will have 234 rental units and the upper floors will have 144 condos. It’ll be a mix of affordable and market rate. Construction began in the spring of last year after many years of inactivity. What do you make of the almost-final product? Check out one more photo after the jump… GMAP

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  • It great that so many new residents will be coming to Downtown Brooklyn but is a shame that almost every one of these new towers is so utterly generic. They look like they were designed by a computer for maximum efficiency. I guess it is just not worth putting any architectural design in what is seen as mass-produced housing.

  • And once again we begin the discussion of what exactly is affordable… a studio apartment renting for what, $1500, A one bedroom for $1900? What are the supposedly affordable apartments going for in the Dekalb building? I’ll go out on a limb and say that there probably isn’t a single working poor family living in that shiny silver doorman building despite the fact that the median income in the neighborhood, which affordable is based on, is significantly lowered by the residents of public housing on Myrtle Avenue. But the developers are in cahoots with the planning department and they conveniently exclude those housing projects when drawing up the boundaries from within which they determine what the median income is. The city’s mixed income affordable housing project is a farce.

    • The issue is that affordability is not based upon the income of the surrounding neighborhood but on the SMA (statistical metropolitan area.) For Brooklyn, that includes the other for boroughs, as well as Nassau and Westchester counties. The numbers are definitely skewed higher.

    • It all depends on what section of the neighborhood they are basing “affordable” income on. There are two and three bedroom condo apts in the area that have prices at 1 to 1.5 million and up. So the incomes for the area have risen quickly over the past few years. I would assume that’s the game that gets played. They pump up the income and then offer affordable housing….

  • DoBro doesn’t work. Makes people laugh.

    I suggest DTB.

    with thanks to the requeenbee who came up with that…

  • Does anyone know who will be handling sales in this building and when they are supposed to hit the market?