Building Begins at Hello Sterling Development

The photo above comes from the Hello Living Facebook page, where they report: “First floor walls going up @ 834 Sterling Place! This is getting more exciting everyday!!” The Hello Sterling development, according to DOB records, will be six stories and 46 units. A construction fence went up around the site this fall. Construction’s much further along over at 618 Washington Avenue, a six-story, eleven-unit building also under the Hello Living umbrella. So far the development company has ten buildings in the neighborhood.
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One Comment

  • Most likely to be condos. Their style doesn’t fit Brooklyn’s architectural charm, on the other hand, that street is scary as hell! Its in need of serious surveillance and lighting. I never, ever walk that street after sun down. Hello will need to spruce up the sidewalk and work with community organizations to make nostrand avenue (corner) cleaner, reduce drug activity and make it safer. There is a club just around the corner on nostrand that is out of control and needs to be shut down or bought out. I’ve lived in the area for over 30 years and I cringe when I have to walk down nostrand or sterling.