Vinegar Hill Condos at 185 York Sell out Fast

Proving that location across from the projects is no problem if the price is right, the Vinegar Hill condo development at 185 York sold out in seven weeks. All 16 residential units are in contract for full ask or above, said Corcoran broker Philip Henn. Asking prices ranged from $375,000 for a 631-square-foot one-bedroom to $845,000 for a 1,193-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bath duplex. Taxes and common charges are low ($289.76 for a one-bedroom). Nearby condo development 109 Gold Street did not fare as well, ultimately selling to another developer and going rental when buyers failed to snatch up apartments priced from $319,000 to $999,000.
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  • As far as projects go, this is one I wouldn’t care to live near. But I don’t get why anyone would live in DUMBO as opposed to say Ft. Greene anyway so what do I know.

  • I’m shocked that prices went the way they did…this is one of my least favorite parts of brooklyn. too industrial (as is all of 4th ave and thats my other least strip of brooklyn); no ammenities and frankly not particularly attractive.

  • proving my point as posted in piece above about Manhattan vs Bklyn costs

    Vinegar Hill has limited amenties but dumbo has a great park and more and more good food, as does VH watch the next 36 months for more an more in VH too

  • Oh goodie, another 2 room special here in Brooklyn. Now there’s an original design….The one bedroom layout living space is very very small. Jeez, can they spare a few more square feet….

    The 2 bedroom layout was a tad bit better, but not much.

    No, I coldn’t see investing in real estate with projects a few blocks away, no good. I absolutely would not do that.

    I like Vinegar Hill, but really no amenities around. I do like the quiet.
    DUMBO is nice, but the train roar gets old really fast.
    The parks are also nice as well…..

    The kitchen cabinetry is ugly, the glass tiles are already starting to be out dated already. There is zero space for a table and four chairs, yet there is dishwashers, go figure.