A Daycare in Store for Clinton Hill Corner?

Is something in store for the half-built development on the corner of Classon Avenue and Quincy Street? A reader sent along this DOB permit for the site, “Filing for new day care.” It’s a proposed 8,566 square feet, although this particular plan was disapproved by the DOB. The owner is Phyl’s Academy, a preparatory school in Flatbush. Someone at the academy said the school would not be ready to release any information about this until the fall. GMAP

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  • Wow! Would be so good to see this corner filled! Anyone have info on Phyl’s academy?

  • We sure do need more daycare options in CH! I noticed the sign for Eliadia’s Kids on Fulton next to Bija has come down. I guess there aren’t moving in there anymore. I did see a sign for a new daycare in the ground floor of the highrise on the corner of Myrtle and Washington.
    I’ve never heard of Phyls. I did lots of research when looking for a daycare for my 10 month old recently. It’s hard to find places that take young kids.

  • Eladia’s Kids is in court with the landlord of the Fulton St space, and appear to be defaulting, I’m told. There’s been nothing in that huge space for so many years, such a waste.

  • The text posted below is from an email update from Eladia’s…I had requested a tour of the new location when it was ready.

  • Phyl’s is in Flatbush, in a really quiet location right next to the Cemetary of the Holy Cross. I think they start at 1 in the Early Childhood program and the school goes through 5th grade. I know a couple of people that sent their kids there and they were extremely happy with the curriculum and the outcomes. The woman who runs the program is Jamaican and its based on an English system, so there are things like uniforms (I think those start in pre-K) and a structured learning environment starting in Kindergarden (my friend’s kids were reading at Phyls in K). As far as cost, its probably middle of the road for a non-public school, I think its slightly more than Catholic school, but no where near the $20k a year for top end private schools. Based upon the comments of folks who post here, I doubt a lot of people would look at a place like Phyls for their kids as it doesn’t have the requisite amount of diversity (the BK school is probably 90% black with the remainder being multiracial or latino), but as I said I know several families whose kids have gone there, and they’re all prospering now in excellent high school programs (public, independant and parochial schols). They also have an afterschool program that includes additional activties like dance, karate, and homework assistance. It will be interesting to see if this is just going to be an early childhood center or if they are going to put their full program here. I know they’ve got a nice but small building now, and a pretty long track record out in Flatbush. Should be interesting to see this one play out.