Closing Bell: The PLG House Tour, in Photos

It’s not as fun as having experienced it in the flesh, but Bob Marvin’s Flickr set documenting this year’s Prospect-Lefferts Gardens house tour gives a sense of the terrific properties that were on display, as well as all the folks who came out to see them. A couple more shots on the jump…
41st Annual Prospect Lefferts Gardens House and Garden Tour [Flickr]

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  • Thank you for running these Gabby. I’m sorry I put these on Flickr so late. I hate editing digital photographs and tend to procrastinate. I shoot most neighborhood events digitally now and, for such utilitarian [albeit enjoyable] photography using a DSLR has lots of advantages over shooting B&W film and scanning negatives that I’ll never print in the darkroom. Still, it’s a PITA compared to looking at negatives in a sleeve.

    Yes, my “real” photography is still on medium format B&W film that I print in my darkroom–sort of fits in with living in an antique house :-)

  • wow sure looks like a fun bunch!

  • Bob, thanks for your annual effort at the house tour, it is appreciated.