Cobble Hill Gets Brooklyn’s First Pop Up Cafe

The sidewalk outside of the coffee shop Ecopolis, on Smith and Warren, is getting Brooklyn’s first DOT-planned pop up cafe. Last summer DOT launched the Pop up Cafe Program which “provides outdoor public seating in the curb lane during the warm months and promote local businesses.” CB2 is working on Brooklyn’s first application, which will hopefully be installed May 1st and last until October. There’s no waiter or food service, just a public seating space (alcohol and smoking aren’t allowed.) The cafe space will last the width of the building and be 6 feet deep on a platform space going out into the parking lane. Do you like this idea? It was mentioned at the last CB2 meeting the program would also work well on Fulton Street. GMAP

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  • Wouldn’t that block the entrance to the subway?

  • Huh? Why? Call me cynical, but sitting on a platform in the street covered in exhaust fumes doesn’t seem terribly appealing.

  • > There’s no waiter or food service… (alcohol and smoking aren’t allowed.)

    So, what then makes it a cafe? Sounds like nothing but chairs on the sidewalk. Oooh, that’s a revolutionary concept.

  • What makes it revolutionary, snark, is the chairs are in the street! Or, more specifically, in the parking lane.

    Fulton Street? I thought this program was only applicable where restaurants cannot get a sidewalk cafe license. I can think of two sidewalk cafes on Fulton: the German place at “Seven Corners” and the new place down at Grand Avenue.

  • I am wondering how well it will work, given that the subway entrance/exit is right there on the Warren Street side, and there are subway grates and meters on the Smith Street side.

  • quote:
    (alcohol and smoking aren’t allowed.)

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz… bring a book


  • WTF. Who’s approving these stupid sidewalk seating licenses. Ever tried walking down Butler St on Smith, with Chance’s outdoor seating? You basically either walk into a freakin tree or go out into the street since there’s no more room on the sidewalk. I don’t even know why people would eat out there with all the rats running around.

    And this? Right in front of a busy subway exit? Ever tried getting out of that exit during rush hour? These past few years, it’s been bottlenecked by having only single staircase exit. Would have been fine for the 5-10 people who got off at this station 10 years ago, not anymore..

  • Nice strangers with candy quote, Rob. :)

  • silver2000 failed the reading comprehension test.

  • same way at BarTabac on Dean. Sidewalk all blocked with tables and waiters, etc.

    The whole corner floods in heavy rain because sewer drain clogged — since they built that bumpout curb — they can’t maneuver the streetsweeping machine and never gets cleaned off.

  • Eight feet of pedestrian clearance is the minimum allowed by a license. If there are cafes where the tables start to colonize the sidewalk, call 311, write down the complaint number, then call the local community board. Sidewalk cafe licenses are for two years and community boards should (always a tricky word) be looking at renewals based on past complaints.

  • I live on Smith and Butler and Chance’s sidewalk cafe is fine. The sidewalk there is wider and in a much better condition than Bar Tabac’s. I have no issues.

    As for this sidewalk cafe, I think it’s a great idea. As a frequenter of Ecopolis, it will be nice to enjoy my coffee on the tables outside, since in the warmer months, Ecopolis is almost unbearable due to their huge windows which get too much sunlight. And it won’t block the subway because it will be ON A PLATFORM and will take up some of the subway and whatever parking spots are along the width of the building. Big deal. I dont drive so I’m not crying about the loss of parking.