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  • Looks like it’s getting to be almost as bad as the old Sanders, that preceded the Pavilion. When I first moved to Brooklyn, in 1970, I lived around the corner from that dump. It was just barely acceptable when the worst thing was that your feet stuck to the floor, but I stopped going (c. 1974) when they stopped turning the lights off while showing films for rear of what the local thugs might do in the dark.

  • It seems like only yesterday that it reopened.

  • cloth and fabric seats should be banned.


  • Who goes to the movies anyway?

  • It totally sucks. I remember the Pavilion opening in the 90’s and it was great having the theater here in my neighborhood, before then I’d go to Cobble Hill or the Alpine for movies. I remember seeing Independence Day and the Star Wars re-releases on their massive screen (now 4 different theaters). The ever changing theater set-up hasn’t been kind to the theater, to the point where I don’t even bother anymore. It’s a shame, the Pavilion had a heyday, it’s long gone though.

  • We were there last week and also noticed what a dump the place has turned into. Lots of broken seats. Also, they put the volume up way too loud.

  • Cloth and fabric seats are the best!

    I went to go see The King’s Speech on New Year’s Day at 7 at BAM; the entire lobby was jam packed. Every show was sold out for that hour.

  • I didn’t know theaters in this day/age existed in that condition. Why would anyone go there? I bet the porn theaters in midtown are in better shape (if they still exist).

  • By East New York on January 3, 2011 10:56 AM

    Who goes to the movies anyway?

    I agree. Since the behavior of most people at a movie theatre is typically moronic, there are very few I’ll go to…the Ziegfeld, one or two places in Philly.

    That said, I haven’t been to one in about 8 years!!!

  • Ugh, The Pavillion is an utter cr*phole. The last time I saw a move there, the sound went out in the middle of it, and they refused to give a refund.

    I’m pretty much over seeing movies in the theater. Two tickets cost the same as 3 months of a Netflix subscription.

  • “Who goes to the movies anyway?”

    Couldn’t agree more!

  • No one likes to go to a theater to see a movie?? Really? I feel like a shut-in if I stay at home watching a movie on my own TV.

  • BAM was packed on Saturday. King’s Speech was sold out at 4:50.

    Went to the Illusionist at the Paris on wednesday and got stuck behind a bunch of yammering idiots.

  • The rickety seats are the least of this theaters problems. The patrons are the dregs of the earth. They’re often worse than what you find at UA Court ST.

    I like BAM, the Angelika, Village East and IFC. I will do some Loew/AMC and Clearview theaters depending on location and time of day, mostly right after work since movies tend to be less crowded at those times. Fewer obnoxious people to deal with.

  • The Cobble Hill theater on Court St. is cheaper and cleaner.

  • I’ve only been here once, to see The Watchmen. I was on edge to notice crapitude, but didn’t really. The teenage clerk who sold me a child’s size popcorn was fine.

    Cinema Village
    Clearview 1st and 62nd

    are the only theaters I’ll go to, just about.

  • Ah yes, I will make an exception for BAM, but I think the last film I saw there was Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces.”

    DeLepp – How was “The King’s Speech”? I’ve been curious about that one.

  • Ditmas….lechacal reviewed The Kings Speech late in the OT, NYE Edition over the weekend.

  • dnark, I liked it. It was a better way to start the New Year than with “Black Swan”.

    Quite a few of funny moments and well worth the $12. Could have used Wallis and Edward a little bit more as they are ghastly types and a nice contrast to Queen Mum/George VI.

  • I prefer seeing movies in theaters, so does my husband. But not when the theater is cruddy or the patrons idiotic which rules out all the theaters in Brooklyn except BAM.

    The Pavilion is disgusting. The seats have been in this condition for YEARS. It’s not new to anybody especially the owners and management. They simply do not give a rat’s a**. This person should have taken photos of the bathrooms too. I have never once found the soap dispensers full there. Which is very alarming because that’s the bathroom the employees use (I see them in there) meaning they’re serving food after wiping their hiney and not washing with soap. The Pavilion even being allowed to stay open seems to be clear evidence the NYC health department takes bribes.

  • I agree, BAM is just about the only theatre I’ll go to anymore, mostly because of the audience at others (constant talking during the picture, etc.). I enjoyed The King’s Speech (corgis and the Queen Mum can’t miss), much more so than Black Swan, which I did see on Jan. 1.

  • I was living in PS when it reopened and we were all so excited that the building stayed a movie house as opposed to being refurbed into some horrible “Cinema Condos”. But the excitement quickly faded. It’s been poorly run and maintained from almost the get-go and the movie-going experience there was pretty uniformly miserable. And the staff was atrocious. We stopped going a long long time ago. I’d rather got to the either Court Street theater or BAM.

    It’s like a Times Square Theater circa 1989. Throw in some hookers in torn fish net stockings milling about outside and Park Slope can be a fun place.

  • BAM is a 30+ min walk from most of PS. Cobble Hill is farther.

    Why doesn’t someone open a theater down toward Gowanus? I’d walk there. It’s ridiculous that there’s no decent theater in PS. Has to be some way to make the numbers work.

    Just make the seats out of molded plastic.

  • For those with cars who live in Brownstone Brooklyn, a good place to go on the weekend is the multiplex off of West and Chamber Streets in Battery Park City. Only 20 minutes away, and it’s not that hard to find parking on a weekend evening (although it’s getting harder with all the residential development going on there). First-class theater, and a more mature crowd.

  • Completely agree with Benson. The theatres at West and Chamber Streets are surprisingly clean and nice. It’s suburban-esque, but a very welcome change from the dirty and dingy theatres that are so prevalent in NYC. I wish there were more well-maintained independent theatres in New York.

  • yeah – the BPC theater is the only big one I will set foot in.

  • Huh? WHat’s wrong with the Court Street one? You all are snobs.

    Of course, quel suprise.