Wednesday Food & Drink Round-Up

Photos by Zach Desart for Grub Street

Opening Today: Clover Club
210 Smith Street (near Butler Street); (718) 855-7939
After a private party last night, Julie Reiner’s Clover Club opens to the public at 5 o’clock this evening. Grub Street posted their cocktail menu, which includes a selection of punches served in shareable bowls and a slew of classic cocktails, priced at $10-$11. The snack menu includes fried oysters, pressed cheesesteaks, steak tartare, and “molasses-and-cumin-rubbed ‘chicken drumettes’ with Roquefort fondue.” Grub Street also reports on Clover Club’s interior, which includes “tin ceilings, lanterns, mosaic tiles, dark mahogany wood, antique sconces,” and a 30-person private parlor.

Now Open: NYC ICY
905 Church Avenue (between Coney Island Avenue and East 10th Street), Kensington
“Said the charmingly modest [owner Suzie] Leeds, ‘Business is slow because we’re in the middle of nowhere, but we have regulars already and it’s only been a week!’ In addition to established favorites like apricot-ginger and classic lemon, there are new (and can we say, ridiculously good-sounding) flavors such as wild strawberries and cream (the berries, like the icy-making equipment, are imported from Italy), banana and dairy-free grape made from fresh Concords.” [The Feed]

Delicious New Food Blog: Lost Taco
Written by a taco-lover who recently moved from LA to NYC, this blog chronicles the search for “a delicious stranded taco, waiting to be found.” He has already hit a few Brooklyn spots, including an early favorite — Taqueria El Paisa in Bushwick.

After the jump: Two new Williamsburg restaurants, a shared kitchen in Greenpoint, the best backyard dining options, and another cryptic sign in the window of 360…

Opening in Williamsburg: The New Williamsburg Café
170 Wythe Street (at North 7th Street), Williamsburg; no phone yet
“[Sunny Bang], who cooked for years under Tom Colicchio at Craft, Sam DeMarco at Fireside, and Kerry Heffernan at South Gate, will open the New Williamsburg Café on Wythe Street in Williamsburg. Bang describes his culinary roots as ‘contemporary American fine dining,’ and he plans to use many local ingredients while ‘trying to keep all the entrées under $25.'” [Grub Street]

Also Opening in Williamsburg: B&B
109 South 6th Street (between Bedford and Berry Streets), Williamsburg; (718) 782-2333
“The name conjures a country inn, but it’s a speakeasy vibe that pervades this Williamsburg eatery. Chef-owner Coby Farro (The Tasting Room, Spotted Pig) offers gastropub-inspired plates like mac and cheese tossed with crispy boar’s ear.” [Time Out New York]

Quick Bites
Eater reports that Greenpoint’s new outdoor Tex-Mex joint Papcito’s is sharing a kitchen with the Thai restaurant nextdoor… Metromix posted their top-ten list of restaurants with the best backyard gardens and three brooklyn spots made the grade — DuMont, The Good Fork, and Jolie… Amy’s New York Notebook posted a photo of a “back-in-5-minutes-type sign” taped in the window of Red Hook’s 360, but it’s doubtful that the sign was directed toward restaurant regulars who refuse to believe that their favorite eatery has closed.

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  • Wish more neighborhoods had a place as classy as Clove Club

  • Clover Hill looks nice inside but the tacky, very bright, backlit 2 story sign on front of building is pretty cheesy.
    Something a chain restaurant would do.

  • oops Clover Club not hill

  • I hope the Clover Club’s “punches served in shareable bowls” is classier than my vision of a bunch of midwestern yokels at a cheesy Cancun (redundant) Mexican restaurant drinking watered down margaritas through looped straws out of a giant communal lime green plastic sombrero-shaped souvenir bowl.

  • NYC Icy is awesome! The flavors are pure and intense, and the prices are affordable. We loved the mango basil icy and the key lime sherbert. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood. We will be regulars there.

  • WOW Biff…that’s a visual. We should go check it out sometime though. I’m not into the punchbowl part of it though…just the decor looks nice.

  • Dave, it definitely looks like a step up from the Caliente Cab Company. And I would try the fried oysters and just about anything served with Roquefort fondue.

  • Clover Club spent months (more than a year?) working on the space, so it should look good. Not sure if the neighborhood is ready for or wants the $11 cocktail, when Zombie Hut and its $2 PBR seem to be drawing the crowd.

  • I used to go to the NYC ICY when it was on Avenue B. Great people and a yummy product!

  • They serve similar punches at Death and Co in manhattan – a similar cocktail joint.

    Their punches come in beautiful glass punch bowls with cocktail glasses and a stainless steel ladle so you can serve yourself.

    I’m sure it will be similar @ clover club.

  • So, are these punchbowls an updated version of scorpion bowls?

  • If the owner of NYC ICY thinks that Church Avenue is the “middle of nowhere,” why did she open there? Not a very nice way to attract the locals who will be the bulk of the business.

  • Since NYC Icy is east of CIA, it’s actually in Victorian Flatbush. Caton Park to be exact.

  • Business is slow at NYC Icy because their business hours are so sporadic.

    I try taking my kids there after soccer games at the Parade Ground, and they’re closed on a a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

    Church Avenue and Coney Island Avenue is only the middle of nowhere if you believe that all life ceases south of Prospect Park.

  • Clover is just want the gentrified Smith Street needs…not.

    I’m not gonna lie. I’ll be there tomorrow night and I’ll be happy.


  • NYC ICY should have opened in Newkirk Plaza if they were worried about being in the middle of nowhere. The plaza has tons of foot traffic because of the subway station, is located right in the middle of tons of Victorian homes, and has lots of young families moving in. Cortelyou would have also been a good option. But their current spot is a little strange.

  • 2:21

    People who spam their blog as a sig file is just what Brownstoner needs…not.

    No offense, lady but c’mon. Thats shameless.

  • zombie hut sucks a nut