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  • This place will be closed in a week.no buisness.

  • How come so many people abbreviate Brooklyn like:


    Why take out one of the consonants but leave a prominent vowel?

    I think this part of Brooklyn is actually called:


  • whats the dress code BS all about???

  • Dress code BS, will cause them to lose money, Im not even thinking about going thier now, its not the Ritz. Stupid move on thier part

  • I like that the dress code says:

    “No Jerseys”

    I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get much of a NJ crowd, but I’m glad they’re keeping them away.

    Wait- have to leave my work boots at home, and go through a metal detector?

  • Seriously, a dress code? I was so excited to actually have a bar nearby, but this sounds much more club than bar – definitely not what I would expect to be supported in our area. I’m sad.

  • Hmmm…no hats, sneakers, work boots, jerseys…you think maybe they are trying to keep out a particular group of people? Not nice.

  • just put up a sign “no pingo pingos,” simpler more direct, its what they really mean anyway

  • WTF this is crazy.

    im going

  • Wow. I got very excited for just a moment and then I saw:

    Gentlemen 25 and over
    Ladies 21 and over

    I’m well over both ages, but that is just BS. Then I saw the dress code:

    No sneakers

    If I’m going to trek all the way down there to sit outside in a ‘tiki lounge’, they better let my adidas in too.

    I’ll stick with Quater Bar in GWH with their patio and yummy drinks.

  • 2:54 where did the term pingo pingo come from. I believe you used it last week as well.

  • Biff are you trying to twist this thread to some racial thing with your 2:53 comment?

  • This is Sunset Park, not Greenwood Heights.

  • There was a kid walking up and down 5th ave around 20th street the other night wearing a jersey, sneakers, and brandishing a HUGE KNIFE! Maybe that’s what they’re trying to avoid.

  • Obviously to protect himself from the roving packs of wild dogs that are known to plague the area.

  • another establishment with outdoor patio serving drinks and offering a grill to use.
    Am sure neighbors gonna love that.

  • 3:11 did you fall to the ground, pull some martial arts manouever, mace him, call the cops??

  • I have a question do the bars on Smith and Court get a crowd alot from outside Brooklyn? For example: Long Island and Jersey???

  • 3:11 Here- I had a baby on me at the time. Totally freaked me out. I crossed the street- I was already headed across the intersection. He was coming the opposite way and we passed in the middle of the crosswalk, and we didn’t notice the knife until we were next to him. The kid noticed us noticing him, and started fast peddling away- not really running, but moving very quickly looking really nervous. Then he was gone down the street. We didn’t call the cops. I’m not sure he broke any laws- he wasn’t actively menacing anyone, as far as I could see, but it freaked us out. But it wasn’t like he was hiding the knife. It was like a huge rambo knife and we as walking downt the street like he was ready to use it.

  • 3:29…sorry, I didn’t think your 3:11 post was real becaus eof the way you phrased it.
    No one called the cops?

  • It really happened. No one else was seeming to notice this kid but us. And like I said- then he sort of scooted away and was gone. I did not call the cops.

  • 3:35 becareful who you speak with on this blog.

  • daveinbedstuy is just fine. What? Are you that twerp with the knife?

  • jeez – It’s like they’re expecting gangs, thugs and jailbreakers to try to hijack their new bar. I dunno about a place that needs a metal detector before it even opens.

    Check the website – and be prepared to get groped by a bouncer if you go. Will he have a box of latex gloves too?


  • 2:54: what in Oprah’s good name is a pingo pingo? (i get what you mean from the context but that is a new one!)

    3:01: I don’t think Dave was steering anything. This type of dress code policy is absolutely intended to keep out “a certain group”

    ooooooh. I said it! a “certain group”

  • This place is most likely owned by someone with experience as a bouncer or doorman. Dress codes typically reduce violence at clubs because people are reluctant to ruin their dress clothes by getting into a fight. This strikes you all as surprising because most of the places you frequent do not have to face these types of problems or at least not as often as these owners are used to.

  • Yes 3:58, I think I get the context too but where in the world did that phrase come from.

    Guests take note…I’m freely admitting my ignorance of this here. LOL

  • maybe the kid was just carrying the knife somewhere

    also 25 and up?

    im out.

  • You can’t wear flip flops to a tiki bar?

    What is this world coming to?

  • 3:58 and 4:02, check out urbandictionary.com to answer your question

  • This kind of dress code only occurs in neighborhoods with prominent black and latino neighborhoods. You can wear sneakers to every bar in the upper east side, ya know. They’re trying to say, “No thugs” or “Don’t start sh*t here”. It’s stupid and yup it’s kind of racist.

  • Geez. I looked it up. A racial epithet. Lovely.

    Actually, maybe not new, but new to me. Wish I hadn’t.

  • This will be great for Greenwood Heights! Spoke with the owner and they will be having a “gay night”. Don’t have to trek all the way up to Excelsior anymore.

    The interior is immaculate and very modern. Can’t wait to get one of their frozen drinks.

  • 3:11 I cannot BELIEVE you did not call the police! I am constantly flabbergasted by reports such as yours that I read on various message boards such as Brooklynian and other Brooklyn blogs, where the people witness crimes or have crimes happen to them and don’t even report them. You might want to take a look at this report of a recent VICIOUS PARK SLOPE STABBING and rethink your laissez-faire attitude. Honestly this could’ve been the same guy that you saw!


    I know I’m sounding very harsh right now. I’m glad you at least crossed the street and that you and yours are safe.

  • I just moved to Greenwood Heights. It’s very gay-friendly so far. Looking forward to this new bar!!! A little coffee shop or cafe would be perfect. Nice location, too, around the 36th Street stop.

  • how the f*ck is that dress code racist? you’re the racist one.
    dressing like a thug and a slob has nothing to do with race.
    i am sure a black man not dressed like that would have no problem going to this place.

    people that dress a certain way usually act a certain way, and it has nothing to do with race.

  • Well said, 12:15. Are they insinuating that all people of a certain race dress like thugs and gangsters?

    All this bar is trying to do is create a nice, classy environment for everyone to enjoy. What is wrong with saying ‘Please dress nicely’? Lots of places have dress codes. Stop trying to create a problem out of nothing.

  • this joint will be closed within 6 months … guaranteed.

  • I know pubs in the countryside in England that had the same dresscode 20 years ago. The race monomaniacs on here are getting crazier by the day.

  • if you wear a jersey and its not game day then I really dont want to be in the same room as you.

  • “Make Mayan a Hawaiian…”

    PBR night at a tiki bar? Right.

    Tiki in name only it seems and with the silly dress code, I agree, this place has a limited life span. Or perhaps we can just change it into a strip club in a few months. Those seem to be lacking north of Sunset Park after the closing of Sweet Cherry.


    I’ll take my moa mug elsewhere.

  • Cool website. Think I’ll stop in this weekend- looks like a nice place.

  • Stop calling it Greenwood Heights. It’s Sunset Park.

  • Actually, the area is called Greenwood Heights. Sunset Park starts after 38th Street.

  • God bless Greenwood Heights. made official and historic. Sunset park is after 38th street. And if im not mistaken its dirty and messy and noone really respects sunset park. It is sad. Greenwood is separate and people are gentrifying th eneighborhoods and cleaning it up. Some people have pride. So dont argue becaus e greenwood heights is not sunset park. Condos, tiki bar, and nice homes. And btw TIKI bar will survive and just because you dont like that theres a dress code, oh well, its a classy upscale gay friendly white/latin bar for people with class and good taste…if thats upsets you oh well…go hipsters!!! hipster pride forever

  • Greenwood is a much nicer neighborhood and it definitely deserves the distinction of it’s own name. It really has nothing to do with either Sunset Park or Park Slope. It’s its own nabe with it’s own artsy vibe. Love all the new condos sprouting up! And I am happy to see many new young professionals moving into the neighborhood. The Tiki Bar owner was smart to open a classy establishment in Greenwood before it gets too expensive.

  • hipsster pride 4ever!
    go greenwood heights…
    go tiki bar!
    loves it
    gay hipster pride! were moving in and were taking over!!!!
    give brooklyn a second chance at beauty!!!!

  • “This is Sunset Park, not Greenwood Heights.”

    I agree.

  • “Although opinions vary among residences, most place Sunset Park between Prospect Expressway to the north, 65th Street to the south, Upper New York Bay to the west, and Ninth Avenue to the east.”

  • Greenwood actually extends from about 23rd Street to 38th Street, along the cemetery, hence the neighborhood name, ‘Greenwood Heights’.

  • What happened to the bar that was there last month? Didn’t see many people in that one. And all of a sudden, this week, they change themes and are now reopening something else? Like this is under new ownership? Yeah right. How can they open tonight when they are still remodeling? (I walk past it every day.) It would be great to have a nice bar in the area, but this isn’t it. And as far as a gay night is concerned?…forget it. It seems like the same kind of people who frequented the last bar that was there.

  • I am headed to Tiki now. I’m gay, my friends are gay. The event planner at the bar is gay. Already doing okay, as far as I’m concerned!

    I walk past it every day, too- seems they were just putting the finishing touches up. God, I need one of their strawberry daquiris. Out.

  • Why do you have to be so negative? Be *happy* Greenwood has a gorgeous new bar to congregate in and grab a frozen drink. We don’t have to go all the way up to the Slope anymore. This bar is leagues nicer than the ‘Forget About It’ Sports bar that was there and is clearly trying to attract a different crowd- the new crowd that is moving into Greenwood everyday.

  • Hey… I just don’t want to be disappointed again. I have lived in this area for almost six years now and have not been impressed with what has come and gone. If you go and it’s good… let me know and I’ll check it out, it’s only around the corner from me. :)

  • There is no such place as Greenwood Heights.

  • Rydnas, I went to Tiki Bar with my friends last night. They have the best frozen drinks I have ever had (I drank 3)- aside from Key West. Actually, it had a Key West, LA vibe in there. Everything was brand new. Fun, 80’s music, mixed with contemporary and a good, mixed crowd. The owners and hostesses were constantly circulating making everyone feel at home- super friendly, and I felt very safe. It’s pretty big inside, with a big wooden patio/grill in the back. Plans to start serving lunch/dinner are in the works. How nice would it be to see little tables on the sidewalk?

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to have Tiki literally right around the corner. Finally, something to do in Greenwood!

  • Greenwood Heights is so hot right now. I’m looking for a place there. Those new condos on 36th have an amazing view of the city.

  • Second night open, and as a nextdoor neighbor, I can’t wait for them to either close or turn the music down. It’s so fucking loud – my bed actually shakes from the lame early 90s shit they’re playing… Hopefully it’ll close sooner than “Forget About It”, which was quite possibly the lamest and most obnoxious of them all. Maybe it’ll just take someone else getting stabbed and dumped out front for this to happen.

    Turn off the Bel Biv Devo. Christ.

  • So I have to adhere to a litany of rules and walk through a metal detector for the privilege of sipping on outrageously overpriced drinks in some tacky faux-Hawaiian setting? Gee, where do I sign up? I’m sure this place is going to attract a whole lot of Grade-A @ssholes.

  • I think precautions are necessary in any bar-opening, the drinks were well worth the price, and the interior design absolutely classy.

    A welcome addition to Greenwood Heights.

  • I thought it was pretty. Very modern, upscale, and chic.

  • Anyplace that attracts some of the woo-hoo people away from my part of 5th Avenue is a welcome addition.

  • There is no such place as Greenwood Heights.

  • Greenwood Heights is the historic area surrounding the Cemetery. It separates itself from Sunset Park for obvious reasons.

  • 7:43 is just another bitter Sunset-Parker living below 40th Street, probably under the BQE.

  • Actually, 7:43 lives in Park Slope and is amused at how uppity “Greenwood Heights” is acting.

  • I too am from park slope and agree there is no greenwood heights. There is park slope, sunset park and bayridge. Either way call it what you will who would want to live by a cemetary, oh yea someone who can’t afford park slope.

  • Greenwood Heights has been a known neighborhood since the early 1900’s. It is, in fact, a real neighborhood with it’s own charms and character.

    I don’t live there, but I do enjoy walking there.

  • There is Park Slope, South Park Slope, Greenwood Heights, Sunset Park and Bayridge. Official neighborhoods or not, they are all separate neighborhoods.

    So yes, there is a Greenwood Heights neighborhood. Ask Brownstoner.com.

  • Funny. Why then b*tches, is there a greenwood heights section on this website. second, ask the city you idiot ethnic…….they will tell you…I who live on 36th and 4th ave……it is greenwood heights. been historic since th ebeginning of these surrounding, trashy ethnic communities. third….why then are the vanderbilts, some of the richest families in the world, buried in greenwood cemetery….because its historic… not sunset park… the mexico of brooklyn america….
    take those comments that are pathetic back to your little grass bodega huts…
    whites gays and hipsters of all races are moving in adding culture and bringing art and beauty and most of all…CLASS….say no to mexico….god bless historic landmarked…greenwood heights….

  • Spoken like the true racist you are. Greenwood Cemetary is just that a cemetary, so if you enjoy living by that, historic and all good for you. Those of us who like nature and can afford the rent prefer Prospect Park.

  • i am a 23 year old student…of course i cant afford park slope……
    you must have got that from being black
    ie: equal opportunity housing…..

  • Lots of new condos being built in Greenwood Heights- not too shabby!

  • I work with the park slope city counsil, and yes greenwood heights is in the middle of sunset park but it is however its own area, and it is called greenwood….
    just thought you all shoul dknow

  • yes to gentrification! yes to cleaning up brooklyn..and yes
    yes to the condos being built…its about time…
    the slums are done
    they will be picked clean!!!!!

  • I agree. South Slope and Greenwood are looking much nicer with the new developments and young professionals moving in.

  • As a park slope property owner myself I am glad about the gentrification. It has allowed for higher rents that honestly only midwest shmucks would pay, so I am very happy the schucks have arrived!

  • Lots of shabby new condos being built in Greenwood Heights!

  • 7:36 = Bitter Sunset Parker scared of rising rents and the new tide of decent, upper-class, working young professionals moving in and cleaning out the originally beautiful neighborhood.

  • I like seeing the ladies out walking their little dogs and the young men out on their nightly jogs around the neighborhood. The streets and houses are immaculate and once they demolish some of the uglier buildings along Fourth and turn them into condos, Greenwood will become super-desirable. The D-Express stop is right on 36th. It’s literally 15 minutes to West 4th. Very convenient. Very nice, up and coming, little neighborhood.

  • i love sunset park and living there. i love all the authenic businesses, but i’m also all for newer businesses opening up and drawing a new crowd– even if it is park slope overflow. but really, am i to feel good about going to this place if they have metal detectors. also, the men over 25 thing? promotion of sugar daddies/craddle robbing much.

  • I see nothing wrong with wanting a more established clientele, usually people over 25 tend to behave more like adults than the just 21 crowds looking to get wasted or laid. Perhaps that is what this established is hoping to create, a relaxed friendly yet not frat house atmosphere. In regards to the metal detectors, unless you plan on bringing along some sort of weapon really what is the big objection?

  • Definitely pro-new business. Those crappy 99cent stores in Sunset Park can only go so far. And with the new, trendy crowd moving in, those stores just can’t cater to their needs. Who wants to shop at a store that looks like it’s a million years old, has dusty products that are doubled, tripled, in price, and is all in Spanish…? Out with the old, in with the new. That area around Sunset Park itself is going to be so cute with cafes on the sidewalk, park-front condos, and little boutiques like farther up 5th has in Park Slope.

    As for Tiki, haha, I spoke with the owner regarding this age policy, and he said he just wants to make sure everyone is 21 and up.

    It’s really cute inside!


  • $3 Mojito Specials on Tuesday night. Tonight is the karoake night- gay night, too.

  • A little cafe or coffee house in the area would be perfect…

  • This place is great. The music was cool, the crowd was friendly and the drinks were very well made and decently priced. The staff is very attentive as well. The only thing missing was dancing!

  • Love the 80’s music!

  • opening weekend, i stopped by, saw the place was completely desolate. i called the bar and asked them if it was really 25+ (for guys) and the guy was like “nah, just come correct and look proper”. the place is definitely going to modify their “rules” — ive seen people not looking all that “proper”. those rules are/will hurt their bottom line.

  • I was there opening weekend and it was packed. Everyone looked pretty nice. Take your jealousy/anger issues somewhere else.

  • I was there with my sister Saturday night and had a really great time. Great music/dancing and the owners were so friendly (Hi Anthony!). It’s easy to get to and has a great space outside where they were grilling burgers and dogs.

    I highly recommend the Tiki Bar!


  • response to June 27 1:57pm:

    I live a block away. The place was empty. The 2 girls in the front were dying to give fliers away. I’m not saying its a bad place. the place looks really nice, modern, and attractive. I am actually glad we have a bar in the neighborhood but you can’t advertise this place with certain standards and then cave to them so quickly. i walk by the place every day and i dont see people dressed “proper”. this place will have the same fate as “forget it sports bar” if they dont quickly decide their own identity and who they will cater to.

  • I was referring to opening night and, yes, it was packed. I, also, live a block away. I cannot speak for subsequent nights.

    The bar is new and people have yet to discover it. Give it a chance. Word is spreading.

  • lmao @ “Greenwood Heights” when did that become official? Im a real Brooklynite, Born & Raised here in Park Slope. You yupps come here & make up your own names for neighborhoods. Just because there is a huge cemetary doesnt mean u rename the neighborhood.

    4th Ave consists of the following neighborhoods:

    Park Slope, Sunset & Bayridge.