Kensington: The T-Shirt

kentee1007.jpgThe Kensington blog has selected finalists for its neighborhood t-shirt logo contest. Shockingly, some early favorites (“What happens in Golden Farm stays in Golden Farm” and “When did London steal our name?”) didn’t make the cut. There are still tough choices to be made, though. Here are the top five so far:

  1. The parents here are only just beginning to get annoying.
  2. Peace in the Middle East =’s 11218
  3. Where S.T.D. means booze
  4. Just blocks from the Ocean… Parkway
  5. Kensington (Brooklyn), where there’s a Mosque on Church (Avenue)

What’s your fave?
Kensington T-Shirt Redux [Kensington]

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  • I vote for #1. Very funny.

  • In the spirit of the comic who came up with “Canada: America’s Hat,” I propose:
    KENSINGTON: The Shoulder Pad of Flatbush

  • Of course the most amusing thing about Kensington is that Arabs and Israelis, who are killing each other on the other side of the world, move to Brooklyn and move right to the same neighborhood.

    Why? Because in a place as diverse as Brooklyn they are more like each other than anyone else. For example, the dietary restrictions are similar.

    I’d start up a pork wagon and call it Haram Food, except the only people who would get the joke wouldn’t buy the food.

  • “Arabs and Israelis, who are killing each other on the other side of the world, move to Brooklyn and move right to the same neighborhood” This to me shows that there is no inherent hatred between the two groups. Contrary to popular belief, the conflict “on the other side of the world” is not a centuries long conflict either. The conflict is a result of making God a real estate broker and the UN underwriting the mortgage.

  • what a lame poll

    and that blog kinda sucks, dont know why ur always promoting them

  • I disagree – I like the Kensington blog and consider it a welcome addition to the roster.

  • a blog that complains about cars w/o license plates and why they arent gentrifying fast enough….yawn

  • 11:54, yes, thank you. Very well said. Jews and Muslims are not at all historical enemies. See the history of the Ottoman Empire for more. And here in NY, the divisions often break down as well. Which is why it’s so great to live here.

    As to the comment about “Arabs and Israelis” living in Kensington (and nearby Ditmas), a little geographical and cultural knowledge would go a long way here. The Muslims in this area are predominantly South Asian, meaning, from Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are not Arabs. Arabs come from the 22 Arabic-speaking nations on the planet. They are linguistically, culturally, and musically distinct from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and other countries with Muslim populations (and even from one another). It always surprises me that people can’t tell the difference. Also, though some of the Jews here are Israeli, many are not – they’re just garden-variety New York Orthodox Jews. And some are from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, too, which is neat. The mix here is a lot richer than meets the eye.

    All that said, yes, it’s very cool that Jews and Muslims (and a lot of other people) manage to all live here without slaughtering one another. That also includes Albanians and Yugoslavians, old-guard Flatbush residents and newly imported artists, and other traditional adversaries.

  • Ditmasdancer:

    You absolutely rock. That was the best (and most informative) comment I’ve ever read…ever.

    If you are not a history teacher the kids are missing out.

  • I just found out that the most populous Muslim nation in the world is…Indonesia! Who knew?

  • No one will beat Park Slope in the neighborhood slogan/T-shirt department because they actually showed that they can have a sense of humor about themselves:

    Park Slope: What’s Ours is Ours

    I don’t care for the slope, but their slogan is hilarious.

  • How ’bout – I just “discovered” Kensington and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.-

  • Arabs make up less than 12% of the Muslim population worldwide. There are more Muslims in continental Africa than all of the Arab nations put together and the largest ethnic group of Muslims in the US are of African American descent with only a small minority of them belonging to the Nation of Islam. I remember reading a couple of years ago that the census bureau deemed Cortelyou Road – and I don’t know how they narrowed it down to just Cortelyou Road- the most diverse area in the country. Kensington, Ditmas Park and surrounding areas have so much to offer culturally and it is amazing what you can learn when you start a conversation or pick up a book and read. My vote would be for “where there’s a Mosque on Church”

  • Me, I’m partial to “There’s no “I” in “threesome…but there IS a “me”

  • or, more to the point: “(not the one with Harrod’s)”

  • Google Maps shows a synagogue on Church as well.

  • How about: “I just got priced out of Park Slope and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”?

  • i heard the t-shirt contest has been rigged. there’s a lot of behind the scenes politics going on and the winner was decided early on.

  • There are actually two masjids (mosques) and two synagogues on Church Avenue. The others are not technically Kensington being on Church between Stratford & Westminster and Marlborough and Rugby respectively.

  • 9:02, I was about to make that same point. Leading us, yet again, into that old territory – what exactly is that neighborhood called? Is it part of Caton Park?

  • How about “Clinton Hill: The Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Brooklyn.”


  • 10:05, 9:02 here. I would think that the temple on Marlborough is in Prospect Park South being on the south side of Church Ave. The masjid being on the north side of Church I guess would be in Caton Park. I live in the micro nabe of Beverley Square West. I think the names, which were not thought up recently by realtors but the original names of these micro nabes are all really cute. I just call all of it Victorian Flatbush which if you think about it, Victorian would not be correct either because. The Victorian era had come to end by the time most of these homes were built. I think Queen Victoria died in 1900 and the majority of the homes were built between 1901 and 1904. We could call the area Edwardian Flatbush after King Edward who follwed his mother Victoria on the throne but that would just start another ruckus.

  • Kensington Village Ethnic Bakery Tour 2008

    Front: I [heart] C.I.A.
    Back: Coney Island Avenue