The Upstater: Car-Free in the Country


    Fridays at 11:00, the Upstater website brings you a selection of properties for rent and sale within three hours north (and a little bit east and/or west) of New York City. This week: places you can get to without a car.

    You can walk to this spectacular pad from the Hudson train station, about a two-hour ride from the city (the fare tends to range between $34 and $59, one way). It’s a seven bedroom, two bath Queen Anne colonial with a whopping seven fireplaces.


    Seems like a great place to have family renunions, and rent out the rest of the time. It sits on less than half an acre of land, but you’re close to the Hudson riverfront and a small city park. Taxes: almost $13,000 a year. It’s pretty close to a major road, so keep that in mind, too.
    8 Willard Place, Hudson. $695,000. GMAP



    The Amtrak also stops in Rhinecliff, and this cute little farmhouse is a short stroll away. It’s got a really nice kitchen, which sets it apart from lots of properties we see — they either Home Depot the kitchen, or don’t take pictures of it, leaving us to fret over the state of the room until we can get there in person to view it.


    72 Orchard Drive in Rhinecliff — a lovely little hamlet five minutes from bustling Rhinebeck — has four beds, 2.5 baths and almost 2,000 square feet. It also has built-ins and a sunroom, and it’s close to the river. Yes, that means the sound of the train, as well, so factor that in if that bothers you. We lived along the tracks in Tivoli one summer and it didn’t bother us a smidge. Sits on a third of an acre, but it’s a nice third. Taxes are pretty reasonable for that area, at less than $5,000.

    72 Orchard Drive, Rhinecliff. $329,000. GMAP.



    Over on the west side of the Hudson, in Delaware County, it’s Trailways territory, and the bus stops in the quiet, sweet town of Delhi, where this cheerful farmhouse is going for less than two hundred grand.



    23 Delaware Ave has four beds, one-and-a-half baths, 2,800 square feet and one-and-a-half acres. And here’s a difference between Delaware and Dutchess Counties: taxes on this place are estimated at $3,155/year. There’s a hot tub room, wide plank floors, a nicely renovated kitchen and lovely greenery surrounding it. And don’t forget the part about less than two hundred grand.

    23 Delaware Ave, Delhi. $197,500. GMAP


    Keep us posted if you end up looking at any of these pads!

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