5 Adorable Upstate Homes in Hudson, N.Y., Where You Don’t Need a Car


    Just a two-hour trip north from Penn Station via Amtrak’s Empire Service, Hudson, N.Y. is a quaint, walkable little town with a bevy of antique stores, delectable eateries and look-worthy art galleries. In short: It’s a great place to have a second home — especially if you don’t want to drive.

    Hudson is an old city, founded in the 1600s, and its residents have done a beautiful job of preserving the town’s historic architecture. Walking along Hudson’s streets can be like walking through the pages of an architectural guidebook — you see Italianates, Victorians, colonial-style cottages, and older warehouses converted into residential lofts.

    Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of the most adorable Hudson homes on the market, just a short walk from the train station and lively downtown.

    Which would you choose?

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