Brownstoner Upstate: Woodstock Wish List


    Fridays at 11, Brownstoner Upstate brings you a selection of properties within three hours north, and a little east or west, of New York City.

    Dear Santa:

    Will you please bring us a Woodstock house that we’ll never be able to afford in a million billion years? As you know from your frequent visits to the village green on Christmas eve, Woodstock is full to bursting with incredible properties, and we want in on it. We’ve been so good this year. Well, “good” in the sense that we were mostly nice to mean people and we didn’t run any stop signs. So if you could find your way to making it so we can move right into one of these beauties, we sure would appreciate it. Thanks, big fella.



    228 meads mountain rd woodstock ny

    228 Meads Mountain Road, Woodstock: $895,000

    Just because it clocks in at under a million doesn’t mean it isn’t every bit as lovely as our more expensive offerings today. This Colonial was originally built in 1824 and has many of the original characteristics (check out the window shutters; are they great or what?), plus some great added bonuses like the solarium pictured below. The 11-acre property includes a one-bedroom, one-bath guesthouse. Beds:  3. Baths: 3.5. Square Feet: 2,823. Lot Size: 11.17 acres. Est. Taxes: $13,504.

    228 meads mountain rd woodstock ny2

    228 meads mountain rd woodstock ny3

    228 Meads Mountain Road, Woodstock (Heather Croner Real Estate) GMAP


    289 upper byrdcliff woodstock

    289 Upper Byrdcliff, Woodstock: $1,495,000

    Love it or hate it, this mid-century modern designed by John Storyk is unique, spacious and well-appointed. It’s a dying breed of house, practically a dinosaur, with redwood siding and a sensibility so cool and detached that we felt like we needed to put on sweater. Speaking of sweaters, we can’t help but wonder what the heating costs would be like in a house like this. At least it’s got a fireplace. Beds: 4. Baths: 5. Square Feet: 3,151. Lot Size: 8.75 acres. Est. Taxes: $17,996.

    289 upper byrdcliff woodstock2

    289 upper byrdcliff woodstock3

    289 Upper Byrdcliffe Road, Woodstock (Coldwell Banker) GMAP


    80 newcut rd woodstock ny

    80 Newcut Road, Woodstock: $850,000

    Some of the exterior aspects of this house don’t do much for us, but we do love that tower. And the interior is loveable in every way, right down to the handmade beams and the craftsman-inspired details. That fact that it includes a heated indoor pool doesn’t hurt either. Beds: 3. Baths: 2.5. Square Feet: 2,473. Lot Size: 19 acres. Est. Taxes: $13,260.

    80 newcut rd woodstock ny2

    80 newcut rd woodstock ny3

    80 Newcut Road, Woodstock (Coldwell Banker) GMAP


    319 walton road woodstock ny

    319 Walton Road, Woodstock: $2,750,000

    We’re not sure it gets any more perfect than this five-bedroom, five-bath beauty, and for nearly $3,000,000, it should be. We love it all, but the kitchen takes the cake. We would never leave it, except perhaps to luxuriate in the soaking tub or lounge on the stone patio. Listing says $2,950,000, but it’s actually priced a bit less at $2,750,000. Practically a steal! Beds: 5. Baths: 5. Square Feet: 5,300. Lot Size: 29 acres. Est. Taxes: $22,950.

    319 walton road woodstock ny2

    319 walton road woodstock ny3

    319 Walton Road, Woodstock (Sotheby’s) GMAP


    Photo of Santa’s letter box, above, by BazzaDaRambler for Wikimedia Commons

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