Brownstoner Upstate: Uniquely Olivebridge


    Fridays at 11:30, Brownstoner Upstate brings you a selection of properties within three hours north, and a little east or west, of New York City.

    Interior, 1739 County Road 2, Olivebridge: $425,000

    There are few places we love house hunting in Ulster County as much as Olivebridge. The wee hamlet in the town of Olive marches to the beat of its own handmade drum, a secluded place in the country where the mavericks go to commune with nature and build abodes tucked away in thick woods. The Ashokan Center exemplifies the true spirit of Olivebridge in one of its taglines: “Nurturing the spirit through nature and the arts.” That pretty much says it all. This week, we’re looking at four unique properties in Olivebridge ranging in price from the low $400s all the way down to the ultra-cheap $39,000. Olivebridge is approximately 2 hours, 18 minutes from Brooklyn, according to Google Maps.

    1739 county rd 2 olivebridge ny2

    What’s happening with 1739 County Road 2 (also depicted above the jump)? Well, long story short, it’s a house within a house. The original log cabin was built in 1800, so instead of demolishing the place to make room for a new house, the new house was simply built around it. It’s a fascinating vision for a country retreat and a different way of preserving a little piece of history. Status is currently “pending”, but you never know. Beds: 2. Baths: 2. Square Feet: 1,822. Lot Size: 17.7 acres. Est. Taxes: $7,244

    1739 county rd 2 olivebridge ny3

    1739 county rd 2 olivebridge ny4

    1739 County Road 2, Olivebridge (Mary Collins Real Estate) GMAP


    660 acron hill olivebridge ny

    660 Acorn Hill, Olivebridge: $260,000

    We know what you’re thinking: “What’s so unique about a ranch?” For a ranch, it’s delightful inside. In fact, the listing calls it “sexy”, which is not exactly the term we’d choose, but we’ll accept it. Other terms we might use, instead, include: Surprising, comfortable, bright, and fun. Beds: 3. Baths: 1. Square Feet: 1,334. Lot Size: 2.3 acres. Est. Taxes: $3,935.

    660 acron hill olivebridge ny2

    660 acron hill olivebridge ny3

    660 Acorn Hill Road, Olivebridge (The Machree Group) GMAP


    242 sheldon hill rd olivebridge ny

    242 Sheldon Hill Road, Olivebridge: $229,000

    This tucked-away property is situated on 6 acres, and if you’re longing for a spot of privacy, you’ll find it here. It certainly feels rustic, which is fine by us, but there seems to be some room here for a touch up or two. Or not. We like it fine the way it is, paint drops on the floor and all. Beds: 3. Baths: 1 full, 2 half. Square Feet: 1,464. Lot Size: 6.7 acres. Est. Taxes: $4,535.

    242 sheldon hill rd olivebridge ny2

    242 sheldon hill rd olivebridge ny3

    242 Sheldon Hill Road, Olivebridge (Murphy Realty Group) GMAP


    1242 county rd 2 olivebridge ny

    1242 County Road 2, Olivebridge: $39,000

    What better way to show your unique upstate NY side than renovating a church? It’s cheap, for sure…but part of the reason is because there’s no septic system. And you might not be able to install one due to the lot size. And it’s less than 1,000 square feet. In spite of all this, the status is “pending”. Art studio? Music studio? It comes with two outhouse of “unknown condition”. Yikes. Might be just a hair too unique for us. Beds: 0. Baths: 2 outhouses of “unknown condition”! Square Feet: 960. Lot Size: .64 acres. Est. Taxes: $1,418.

    1242 county rd 2 olivebridge ny2

    1242 county rd 2 olivebridge ny3

    1242 County Road 2, Olivebridge (Prudential Nutshell) GMAP




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