Brownstoner Upstate: Rhinebeck and Red Hook


    Fridays at 11, Brownstoner Upstate brings you a selection of properties within three hours north, and a little east or west, of New York City.

    46 Livingston Street, Rhinebeck: $1.19 million

    Given their proximity to each other, the villages of Rhinebeck and Red Hook in Dutchess County often get lumped together when one is compelled to provide an idea of that particular area. For example:

    Q: Where do you like to explore in upstate New York?

    A: Oh, you know, the Rhinebeck/Red Hook area.

    While both are bang-up villages, we see them not as one entity to be squished together as a way of describing the northwestern corner of Dutchess County close(ish) to the Hudson River, but as two distinct places to add to your list of where to go when traveling north. Rhinebeck’s reputation is one of sophistication and refinement, a place where you look at some spectacular scenery, see some theater, spend the day at a high-end spa, and enjoy a fabulous dinner at the fashionable Terrapin Restaurant. Red Hook is like Rhinebeck’s quirky cousin: It looks similar and even has some of the same characteristics as Rhinebeck (walkable village vibe, lots of boutiques, great places to eat), but it’s a tad funkier, more salt-of-the-earth. It’s also a go-to for a seriously good Indian buffet on Tuesdays and Sundays for just a tad over a 10-spot (less for children) at the Red Hook Curry House. Regardless of their differences, both Red Hook and Rhinebeck are home to some attractive real estate, mostly priced on the high end, but also a few less expensive options here and there. Here are four of our favorites on the market this week…

    31 fraleigh street red hook ny

    31 Fraleigh Street, Red Hook: $249,000

    Is there much that’s cuter than a cedar shake with white trim? It’s modest but sweet and priced squarely in the mid-range. Plus, it’s right in the village of Red Hook, walking distance to a lot, including the aforementioned curry house (see above), shops, and the local high school. We like the brick accents, ceiling beams, and surprisingly roomy-looking kitchen. The lot size is standard for a residential neighborhood, but like we said, it’s walking distance to stuff, and it includes a barn. Beds: 2. Baths: 1.5. Square Feet: 1,240. Lot Size: .11 acre. Taxes: $6,722.

    31 fraleigh street red hook ny3

    31 fraleigh street red hook ny4

    31 Fraleigh Street, Red Hook (Lawrence O’Toole Realty) GMAP


    46 livingston street rhinebeck ny4

    46 Livingston Street, Rhinebeck: $1.19 million

    And from the affordable, we move into the realm of…not quite as affordable. But boy oh boy, what a beautiful Second Empire Victorian in Rhinebeck village, stately but with just a dash of almost creepy Gothic thrown in for good measure. Is it too Munsters? We don’t think so. The inside is bright and has lots of nifty nooks and crannies, not to mention a grand staircase and some ornate detailing. Not exactly sure what’s going on with the fireplace, so some repair work may be in order. Carriage house included. Swoon, swoon, and swoon. Beds: 7. Baths: 2.5. Square Feet: 4,816. Lot Size: .53 acre. Taxes: $17,230.

    46 livingston street rhinebeck ny2

    46 livingston street rhinebeck ny3

    46 Livingston Street, Rhinebeck (J. Ettenson Realty) GMAP


    287 zipfeldburg rd rhinebeck ny

    287 Zipfeldburg Road, Rhinebeck: $739,000

    Slightly more affordable than the Second Empire Vic, this one is newer (2004) and located on a whole bunch of land about 5 minutes from Rhinebeck. And oh, what a difference five minutes makes. This is truly situated out in the country. Nice interior with a lovely fireplace in the living room, and check out that huge porch. Beds: 3. Baths: 2.5. Square Feet: 2,682. Lot Size: 3.2. Taxes: $10,268.

    287 zipfeldburg rd rhinebeck ny2

    287 zipfeldburg rd rhinebeck ny3

    287 Zipfeldburg Road, Rhinebeck (J. Ettenson Realty) GMAP


    1429 jackson corners road red hook ny

    1429 Jackson Corners Road, Red Hook: $749,000

    It was the landscaping and yard that drew us to this 18th century cottage in Red Hook, more so than the interior, admittedly, although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, either. It definitely maintains that 1700s feel but with kitchen that looks modern. And a master bedroom with a fireplace and inside balcony? Okay, we’re sold. Love the stone retaining walls, decks, and plantings. Located about 15 minutes from the village center. Beds: 5. Baths: 4. Square Feet: 5,978. Lot Size: 3 acres. Taxes: $7,836.

    1429 jackson corners road red hook ny3

    1429 jackson corners road red hook ny2

    1429 Jackson Corners Road, Red Hook (Century 21) GMAP


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