Brownstoner Upstate: Newburgh Beauties


    Fridays at 11, Brownstoner Upstate brings you a selection of properties within three hours north, and a little east or west, of New York City.

    Hudson River view from 177 Montgomery Street, Newburgh

    Complicated though Newburgh may be, its residents are certainly passionate about seeing the architecture of the city restored to its former glory. The riverside Orange County city with a sordid history has, of late, seen an influx of artists, musicians, and other creative types who are looking at Newburgh in a whole new way, digging beneath its gritty surface and revealing a jewel of a place, populated with the grandeur (albeit crumbling, at times) of Italianate, Queen Anne, and Gothic brick and stone townhouses. What you won’t find in Newburgh is the plastic-y overlay of tourist trappings with facades meant to cover up hardship and scars (although there are a couple of places near the waterfront developments that are well-polished), but instead, you’ll stumble upon a living, breathing history of what the city was and the Renaissance, as some would call it, that’s already begun. Brownstoner readers have already seen this New York Times article discussing Newburgh’s gentrification-less rejuvenation, and, of course, no discussion about the beauty of Newburghian architecture would be complete without mentioning Newburgh Restoration, the source of all things Newburgh real estate-related, including jaw-dropping before-and-after renovation photos. But if you really want to get the city under your skin, go have yourself a visit to see what all the fuss is about. The yearly Candlelight house tour is a good excuse to stop by. It’s put on by the Newburgh Historical Society and this year will take place Sunday, December 8.

    177 montgomery street newburgh2

    177 Montgomery Street, Newburgh: $289,000

    Montgomery Street is a must-visit when you do come to Newburgh. It’s part of the East End Historical District and full of properties like this 1910 Four Square with river views. That balcony off the second floor is pretty much all we needed to see. It’s a three-family residence with three separate back porches that open onto a shared backyard. Beds: 5. Baths: 3. Square Feet: 2,109. Lot Size: .4 acre. Est. Taxes: $13,370.


    177 montgomery street newburgh3

    177 montgomery street newburgh4

    177 Montgomery Street, Newburgh (Keller Williams) GMAP


    161 bay view terrace newburgh ny

    161 Bay View Terrace, Newburgh: $55,000

    This house is gutted and needs to be completely renovated, but oh, the things you could do. And the exterior is just lovely. We’re guessing there’s a seasonal view of the river across Bay View, which is also within the historic district. Lot size is tiny, just large enough to accommodate the footprint. Square Feet: 1,838. Lot Size: .06 acre. Est. Taxes: $5,861.


    161 bay view terrace newburgh ny2

    161 bay view terrace newburgh ny3

    161 Bay View Terrace, Newburgh (Keller Williams) GMAP


    29 courtney avenue newburgh ny1

    29 Courtney Avenue: $159,000

    Yes, a little bit of money goes a long way in Newburgh, until you start looking at property taxes. That’s common, though, for Orange County. A lot of work has already been completed on this inexpensive Victorian, and get a load of that great backyard. Close to the waterfront and surrounded by history on all sides. Beds: 3. Baths: 1. Square Feet: 2,012. Lot Size: .08 acre. Est. Taxes: $7,129.

    29 courtney avenue newburgh ny2 29 courtney avenue newburgh ny3

    29 Courtney Avenue, Newburgh (Keller Williams) GMAP


    209 montgomery street newburgh ny

    209 Montgomery Street: $249,000

    Another one on lovely Montgomery Street, this Craftsman has a view of the river from the front porch and has a well-preserved interior that’s simple and elegant. Love the floors, French doors, and flow of this one, not to mention the other beauties that are right next door. Square footage doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s a four-story house. Beds: 4. Baths: 2.5. Square Feet: 1,438. Lot Size: .22 acre. Est. Taxes: $10,758.

    209 montgomery street newburgh ny2 209 montgomery street newburgh ny3

    209 Montgomery Street, Newburgh (Keller Williams) GMAP



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