Brownstoner Upstate: New Paltz Style


    Fridays at 11, Brownstoner Upstate brings you a selection of properties within three hours north, and a little east or west, of New York City.


    Downtown New Paltz, via Wikipedia

    The village of New Paltz in Ulster County is one of those places in upstate New York that seemingly has it all: A walkable town with loads of nifty shops, great food of all stripes, hopping music venues, brew pubs, galleries, you name it. It’s no surprise: It is a college town, after all, but it’s also close to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the county. Hiking and swimming at Minnewaska State Park is a popular activity in the summer. Mohonk Mountain provides breathtaking vistas of the valley (not to mention one heck of a chi-chi resort in the Mohonk Mountain House). New Paltz also has two community pools, an historic district, and a rail trail. And if that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, it’s darn convenient to the Poughkeepsie Metro-North/Amtrak. Trailways bus has a stop located there. It’s also right off the NYS Thruway, less than two hours’ drive from Brooklyn. The housing market is always robust there with lots for sale, from old 18th century stone houses to Victorians to mid-mods to tricked-out energy efficient homes. We chose to look at some higher-end more modern homes this week around New Paltz.

    10 outlook farm drive new paltz ny

    10 Outlook Farm Drive, New Paltz: $750,000

    Love the offbeat design and the beautiful natural surroundings located about 3.5 miles from the village of New Paltz. Includes a studio space above the two-car garage, plus a kitchen we could spend way too much time in (that stainless steel mini-sink is a nice touch). Beds: 3. Baths: 2. Square Feet: 2,482. Lot Size: 2 acres. Taxes:

    10 outlook farm drive new paltz ny2

    10 outlook farm drive new paltz ny3

    10 Outlook Farm Drive, New Paltz (RJ Smith Realty) GMAP


    96 dug road new paltz ny

    96 Dug Road, New Paltz: $435,000

    You’ve always wanted a hot tub in your master bath right next to your soaking tub, right? We certainly have. You’ll find that here in this sleek loft-like contemporary. Originally built in 1926, the property has been jazzed up with lots of modern details like lighting, the kitchen, and fixtures. Located about 7 minutes away from the village. Taxes are good for New Paltz. Beds: 3. Baths: 2.5. Square Feet: 1,873. Lot Size: .06 acre. Taxes: $5,080.

    96 dug road new paltz ny2

    96 dug road new paltz ny3

    96 Dug Road, New Paltz (Colucci Shand Realty) GMAP


        lot 23 cooper street new paltz ny

    Sick of paying those pesky energy bills? According to the listing for this modern house, you can kiss them good-bye in this Net Zero home that includes geothermal heating and solar (see the panels on the roof in the pic above?). Added bonus: It’s right in the village, just down the street from the Moriello community pool and walking distance to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. Beds: 4. Baths: 2 full, 2 half. Square Feet: 3,000. Lot Size: .41 acre. Taxes: $6,685.

    lot 23 cooper street new paltz ny2

    lot 23 cooper street new paltz ny3

    23 Cooper Street, New Paltz (Wendie Reid Realty) GMAP


    116 canaan road new paltz ny

    116 Canaan Road, New Paltz: $1.25 million

    We realize it’s a bit pricier than our usual fare, but we simply couldn’t pass up such a cool property that actually turns with the sun in order to capture passive solar energy. We don’t need to say much else about it. What a gorgeous home. Beds: 3. Baths: 2.5. Square Feet: 2,300. Lot Size: 28.3 acres. Taxes: $12,260.


    116 canaan road new paltz ny2

    116 canaan road new paltz ny3

    116 Canaan Road, New Paltz (Coldwell Banker) GMAP

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