Brownstoner Upstate: Greene County Luxury


    1028 Sutton Road, Durham: $750,000

    Here’s the deal with the current luxury home market in Greene County: There’s more available than we expected at the $2,000,000-plus range, almost nothing in the $1,000,000 range, and some very nice offerings in the $500,000 to $800,000 range. Since it’s Greene County (north of Ulster County, west of the Hudson), you get a whole lot of value for your home buying dollar, more so than areas south or even Columbia County at this point. So have a look at these beauties. See if any of these fancies strike your fancy.

    1028 sutton road durham ny4

    This place isn’t on the market, but 1028 Sutton in the town of Durham offers a comparable “letting the outdoors in” experience. How can you not picture luxuriating in the view as often as possible? Includes 20 acres and a lap pool. Dreamy in Durham. Beds: 2. Baths: 1.5. Square Feet: 3000. Lot Size: 20 acres. Est. Taxes: $6,055. Distance from Brooklyn (according to GMAP): 2 hours, 51 minutes.

    1028 sutton road durham ny2

    1028 sutton road durham ny3

    1028 Sutton Road, Durham (Select Sotheby’s) GMAP


    128 mt pisgah rd windham ny

    128 Mount Pisgah Road, Windham: $870,000

    Nicely put-together post and beam facing Windham Mountain, for all you winter sports enthusiasts out there. Love the soaring ceilings and openness of the spaces. And again, good views, the likes of which you can experience from the view room accessible by library ladder (stop it! That sounds awesome). Located on nearly 10 acres. Beds: 5. Baths: 5. Square Feet: 4,233. Lot Size: 9.8 acres. Est. Taxes: $10,491. Distance from Brooklyn: 2 hours, 53 mins.

    128 mt pisgah rd windham ny2

    128 mt pisgah rd windham ny3

    128 Mt. Pisgah Road, Windham (Coldwell Banker) GMAP


    807 leeds athens rd catskill ny

    807 Leeds Athens Road, Catskill: $590,000

    This farmhouse is in Catskill, but not in the village of Catskill. It’s out in the town of Catskill, up north close to Leeds. It’s a big house on many acres, and it comes with a 4,000 square foot studio space. Love the French doors that open into the living room. It’s nine minutes from the village of Catskill, 13 minutes from Hudson (via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge), and 18 minutes from Saugerties. Beds: 6. Baths: 4. Square Feet: 3116. Lot Size: 18.57 acres. Est. Taxes: $9,010. Distance from Brooklyn: 2 hours, 2 minutes.

    807 leeds athens rd catskill ny2

    807 leeds athens rd catskill ny3

    807 Athens Leeds Road, Catskill (HOUSE Hudson Valley) GMAP


    351 north settlement rd ashland ny

    351 North Settlement Road, Ashland: $2.95 million

    And here’s the Humdinger of the Week. We present to you: The $3,000,000 farm. What can we say? It’s everything you’d expect a $3,000,000 farm to be. It’s pristine, the barns and main house look like a postcard, and its surrounding 114 acres are a natural paradise, with waterfalls, cliffs, streams, and, you guessed it, views. Beds: 4. Baths: 3. Square Feet: 5,050. Lot Size: 114 acres. Est. Taxes: $8,803. Distance to Brooklyn: 2 hours, 50 mins.

    351 north settlement rd ashland ny2

    351 north settlement rd ashland ny3

    351 North Settlement Road, Ashland (Select Sotheby’s) GMAP


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