Brooklyn’s 10 Most Valuable Homes?


    The folks at PropertyShark have followed up on a list they did of the 10 most valuable mansions in the city—all in Manhattan, unsurprisingly—with a ranking of the most valuable single-family homes in Brooklyn. The ranking is based on the city’s determination of true market value, and evidently the city has decided that just about all of the borough’s most valuable housing stock is in Brooklyn Heights. The top spot goes to the 7,400-square-foot 40 Willow Place, which has an assessed value of $6,140,000 and last sold for $3,100,000 in 2003. Coming in second is the 7,225-square-foot 50 Remsen Street, which has an assessed value of $5,850,000 and last traded for $6,500,000 in 2007. Third place honors are bestowed upon 24 Evans Street, one of only two homes on the list not in Brooklyn Heights. The Navy Yard mansion is better known as the Commandant’s House; the assessed value of the 9,900-square-foot house is $5,780,000. What else made the cut, and why no Gravesend? Click through for more…

    Coming in fourth on the list is 122 Willow Street, above left, which has a market value of $5,410,000. The fifth spot goes to 84 Remsen Street, which has a market value of $5,260,000.

    The sixth house on the list is 28 Prospect Park West, above, which has an assessed value of $5,180,000. And rounding things out are four other properties in the Heights: 216 Columbia Heights, 192 Columbia Heights, 118 Pierrepont Street, and 21 Pierrepont Street.

    Meanwhile, no Gravesend properties make the cut even though the neighborhood often sees some of the biggest sales in Brooklyn because the city assessments for the area are much lower: For example, 450 Avenue S, which sold for $11 million in 2003, is assessed at $1,410,400, and 2111 East 2nd Street, which sold for $10,260,000 in 2009, is assessed at $2,230,000.
    All photos from PropertyShark.

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