We came across this post by the Gothamist folks from last spring (before the birth of this website) and were delighted by these old photos of Queens, that ranges from as early as 1890. This photo of the Elmhurst Gas Tanks astounds us – they’re like the tallest things around.

Image source: Gothamist

UPDATE 3/1/13: A commenter (H/T/ bookmobile on Gothamist) shares with us that these are NOT the Elmhurst Gas Tanks, but a location in Astoria:

The gas tanks were in Astoria – at the northern end of 21st Street (20th Avenue). Google Maps shows their footprints are still there. The water in the background is the East River, the big building on the right is PS 122, and the picture was, no doubt, taken on the viaduct by the Hell Gate Bridge.


Here at QueensNYC we love to talk about what’s shiny and new, but we are also fascinated with what came before, too. Over the weekend we came across The Old New York Page on Facebook. Sure, there’s a lot of Manhattan – and the photos are great – but Brooklyn and Queens are also featured from time to time. We are particularly smitten with this shot of the bungalows in the Rockaways from 1910.

Image source: The Old New York Page on Facebook